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De Angelo X has something for the lovers on new single ‘The Art of Seduction’

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Jeremy Sylvester, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Jeremy Sylvester



    Silky, smooth and easy going, De Angelo X’s new single “The Art of Seduction” is the aural equivalent of waking up in bed next to someone stunning and lingering while you re-visit the passion and pleasure of the previous night’s excitement. Soulful, swaggering and sexy, this is RnB meant for lovers or anyone open to the potential of falling into something hot and heavy with that special someone. Seduction can be the basis of love or an expression of lust, regardless it is a sensual art and skill of the heart. Practicing “The Art of Seduction” tastefully and honestly, the clearest pathway to a life of absolute pleasure and bliss. If you are open to starting a deep and passionate romantic encounter, De Angelo’s sweeping new single “The Art of Seduction” might be the perfect way for you to launch your new campaign. Shed all fear as this track’s red blooded erotic magic pulls on your heartstrings and leaves all your most delicate body parts pumped and primed for pleasure!

    Seeing worldwide release on June 10th, 2016, the new single “The Art of Seduction” by De Angelo arrives just in time to heat up those steamy summer nights. Whether enjoyed while dreamily sunning yourself by beach or pool, in the club right in the heat of the night or even back in the bedroom as pure fuel for the fire, this track is the perfect music to put you in the mood. De Angelo X is a deeply emotive singer who truly captures the passion of seduction in his masterful vocal delivery and presence on the “The Art of Seduction”. The sauntering and hypnotic vibe of this track make it the perfect choice for a variety of settings and the universal themes of affection and passion at the center of this track make it an easy and accessible choice for many audiences that love sexy urban music.

    Born in North London and influenced by a diverse range of artists such as Kanye West, Elvis Presley and Prince, De Angelo Ohanaka is a multi talented artist and creative with production prowess to match his powerful and expressive singing voice. “The Art of Seduction” captures this raw young artist is a very emotive place and the end result is the perfect song for lovers or anyone encouraged by the prospect of finding a hot and sensual connection. Love may be a battlefield but it certainly needn’t be a game, not when the truest players are dedicated to practicing “The Art of Seduction” anyhow!

    Check out De Angelo X’s ‘The Art of Seduction’:

    De Angelo Ohanaka (@DOfficial06) | Twitter