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DC Talk to Reunite in 2017

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 11, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. josh.


    This cruise is such a let down. I'm glad they have a sense of humor about how negatively this is being received. The Will Smith clip at least shows that they're listening. Maybe something better will come of this.
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  3. Haha I was curious if this news would make its way to Chorus or not. Definitely a band that a surprisingly large amount of our users and the bands we love listened to growing up
  4. It really does seem like a joke. One of the biggest "dead on arrival" announcements I've heard in a while
  5. Jacob Davidson


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  6. red8ge


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  7. sammyboy516

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    Yeah this is ridiculous. They've reportedly turned down tons of opportunities to reunite over the years and this is the one they finally say yes to? There is such a limited number of people who will actually be able to go on this cruise.
  8. Tim

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    I've never wanted to go on a cruise so badly... Hopefully something else materializes afterwards. I'm sure they'll do some other shows at some point afterwards, like at some festivals, even if that's not the current plan. The ice is officially broken.
  9. KingofSpain

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    Sixth grade me is stoked.
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  10. GageStillAlive

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    My mom bought me Jesus Freak in like '96 and I listened to it nonstop until my uncle gave me copy of Dude Ranch in '97.
  11. coleslawed

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    my first concert was dcTalk.
  12. xenoabe


    To be fair, it was Kevin refusing to reunite. Michael and Toby were down.
  13. Tim

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    Really? I remember Kevin campaigning at one point for a reunion, some years ago.
  14. contra11mundum

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    I always thought it was Toby who said no.
  15. sammyboy516

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  16. Tim

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    Yeah, TobyMac's last two albums topped Billboard in their first weeks, while Kevin Max is comfortably obscure and Newsboys are living off of God's Not Dead. Plus, Toby seems to be making it sound like this could be it, while Kevin is more optimistic that there's more to come.
  17. xenoabe


    Haha, oops. I got my names switched around.
  18. failinginplace


    I had a good laugh with my dad about this, because it's ridiculous. And that press release they put out announcing it and saying something like "a cruise for the biggest fans and the wealthiest fans" was really a dick move (disclaimer: i haven't seen the presser but my dad received it in an email and read it to me).

    I do hope that they do more stuff after this boat ride. The promo video sure hyped "the intermission is over" (Intermission being the last thing they released as a band, a best-of with a new remix or two) and if ALL they are doing is a cruise, this is a sad and pathetic encore instead of an epic second act.

    Jesus Freak was epic when it came out. I even bought it on vinyl this year just to have it lol
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