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Dashboard Confessional on the Latest Rock Sound Podcast

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 16, 2018.

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    Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional is on the latest episode of the Rock Sound Podcast. He talks a lot about growing up in the emo/pop-punk scene, and how it’s changed:

    The part that I don’t feel connected with was when certain bands started to use their songs as a platform to brag, about how much money they had or how wonderful they were. That’s when I checked out. When I say we got knocked down a peg, I think it’s maybe a better choice of words to say we got knocked off our perch a little bit. We weren’t played on the radio – we were kind of whipping boys who were made fun of.

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  2. zachmacD


    Yeah I didn’t buy that as his reason for stepping back. I think it’s becuse they weren’t relevant anymore and I’m sure chris wasn’t happy about it. My group of friends and I went to see him at 6 flags when alter the ending came out and there was barely anyone there because it rained. A friend of mine, who was there, had a friend who worked at that 6 flags and said he threw a fit and wanted to cancel because there was no one there. Around the same time they announced a big ampitheater tour and cancelled it because no one bought tickets claiming a family emergency. Yet they scheduled an acoustic tour in small venues around the same time.
  3. i love listening to him talk. haha.
  4. Jared Luttrell


    Have any proof for those wild claims? I've seen him a few times within the past few years on amphitheater tours and it was a pretty crowded.
  5. zachmacD Jan 18, 2018
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    Fine, this is only speculation but it was when alter the ending came out so this was like almost 9 years ago. I bought pit tickets after they went on sale and scored tickets easily. My show specifically held like 10,000 then 20,000 in the lawn. That album did not sell as well as the others and there was no way he was filling those venues. Also, he claimed there was an emergency so the tour was cancelled then played acoustic around the same time my show would’ve been and played in club that holds maybe 800 people then never played shows as big as that tour was supposed to be. Then went on hiatus shortly after.

    The last couple years of shows were with Tbs, third eye blind, and all American rejects. Those artist plus the nostalgia factor played a part in those shows selling better but I still don’t think he’s played to 30,000 people since being back. again this only speculation and my original post was pretty harsh but at the time it seemed pretty obvious. My ex gf and my favorite band at that time was dashboard so we were paying a lot of attention to their popularity and we’re going to a lot of his shows. I could be wrong though