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Dashboard Confessional Announce 2017 Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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    Dashboard Confessional has announced some new 2017 tour dates. You can find those below.

    Jan 18 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
    Jan 21 Irving Plaza New York
    Jan 22 The Fillmore Silver Spring Silver Spring, MD
    Jan 23 TLA Philadelphia, PA
    Jan 26 Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH
    Jan 27 Saint Andrew’s Hall Detroit, MI
    Jan 28 House of Blues Chicago Chicago, IL
    Feb 11 House of Blues Dallas Dallas, TX
    Feb 12 House of Blues Houston Houston, TX
    Feb 13 House of Blues New Orleans New Orleans, LA
    Feb 15 Revolution Live (official) Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Feb 16 The RITZ Ybor Tampa, FL
    Feb 17 The Fillmore Charlotte Charlotte, NC

  2. Tata Toothy


    I barely recognized Chris Carrabba in that picture. He's always been skinny, but did he give up eating?

    Anyways DC at the paradise sounds amazing! it's been a good 10 years since I've seen them last
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  3. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

    Did he confirm a new album for next year? I'm not 100% but I seem to remember that being a thing at some point in 2016.

    I'll probably give A Mark, A Mission a spin today.
  4. thisisacting__

    Regular Supporter

    Just googled his net worth out of curiosity. It says $16 million. That can't be accurate, right?
  5. daldalian

    hopelessly yours, Alabama

    That sweet Spider-Man 2 money.
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  6. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    Hopefully it sounds nothing like that garbage song he released last year.
  7. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Definitely wanna see. I haven't caught his new version of DC yet and Im curious


    Can't wait for the Ybor show! Chris sounded great live at ToC and hopefully he's writing songs similar to Heart Beat Here for the new record.
  9. Iamhollywood315


    FYI it's unlisted in routing but they are playing in Austin 2/10 at Emos
  10. aspeedomodel

    Cautiously pessimistic Prestigious

    He killed when I saw them at Riot Fest. May try and catch the Chicago date.
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  11. shogunTORTOISE


    Just make a new freakin' album already....
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  12. kidinthebushes


    These aren't all the dates.Vinyl Theatre is opening.
  13. kelseyleigh

    Trusted Supporter

    Will probably try to catch the Detroit date.
  14. xburningcoffin


    I just looked at Beck's net worth and it was also $16 million, that doesn't seem right either
  15. Jared Luttrell


    Saw them last year in Baltimore and he sounded incredible.
  16. dangerstepp


    Cat must've had a face lift or eye work. He doesn't look like the same person.
  17. thisisacting__

    Regular Supporter

    I don't know, I'd accept Beck being worth that much. Dude's had a long career w/ a lot more popularity than Chris. I'm sure these net worth results are flawed but that stuff is really interesting to me for some reason.
  18. Can't wait. He's playing right across the street from my apartment here in SLC.
  19. say_hello_to_good_times


    Great. Another batch of shows that bots can rake in cash from fans. Logged on today right at 10am, 0 tickets left.

    Log on to stubhub at 10:15, there's 100 tickets starting at $70.