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Dashboard Confessional – “Belong”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Bayside 182

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    this is ok, I prefer the last single better but nice to see him still making new music
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  3. SEANoftheDEAD


    meh. sounds like a bad imitation of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
  4. mmhmm

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    Is this a Dashboard song or a Cash Cash song with Dashboard featured? As in, will this song be on DC's new album? Just curious.
  5. LessThanTrevor

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    Track five on the album - but I feel like this isn't the album version. I've been wrong before though.
  6. It's on the album, track 5.
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  7. 99% sure it's the album version, album credits:

    CROOKED SHADOWS Features Special Guests:
    Cash Cash, Lindsey Stirling, and Chrissy Costanza of Against The Current
  8. Frank Lapidus

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    I love 'We Fight' a lot more, but I don't hate this song. Interested to know if the album falls more along the lines of 'We Fight' or 'Belong'.

    @Jason Tate - have you had a chance to hear the record?
  9. I haven't heard it yet. Been trying to get an advance.
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  10. Frank Lapidus

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    Hoping for a First Listen in the supporter forums! :)
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  12. AlwaysEvolving21

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  13. LessThanTrevor

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    It's not bad - but I'm not into Cash Cash at all. Isn't that the "Party In Your Bedroom" band from the neon era of pop punk?
  14. I don't remember, I just know I don't like anything I've heard from them.
  15. cwhit

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    they are famous edm djs now
  16. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Yeah. Those dudes are HUGE now.

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  17. CyberInferno

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    So basically, they're another Skrillex. Odd how this is becoming a trend.
  18. cwhit

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    i don't see what it has to do with skrillex? sonny moore was in a post hardcore band, got interested in djing, and revolutionized a genre (perhaps in a negative way). these guys were already in an electro pop band, became a duo, and just went straight electronic.
  19. CyberInferno

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    I was just associating "rock band" turned EDM artist. I literally know nothing about cash cash, so if this was a more minor shift for them, I retract my statement :-)
  20. duritzfan13

    all we have is time

    Love this
  21. Matt Chylak

    I can always be better, so I'll always try. Supporter

    This is a brilliant move and a solid song. Feels more vital than anything he's done in a decade.
  22. Matt Chylak

    I can always be better, so I'll always try. Supporter

    This video was creepy af though.
  23. shawnhyphenray


    There’s a music video for this too and it’s so creepy. Good but weird.
  24. Honeymagnolia

    Regular Supporter

    Song is pretty cool. Always love Dashboard.