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Darkest Hour - Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora (March 10, 2017)

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Ferrari333SP, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Ferrari333SP Feb 14, 2017
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    1. "Knife in the Safe Room"
    2. "This is the Truth"
    3. "Timeless Numbers"
    4. "None of this is the Truth"
    5. "The Flesh & the Flowers of Death"
    6. "Those Who Survived"
    7. "Another Headless Ruler of the Used"
    8. "Widowed"
    9. "Enter Oblivion"
    10. "The Last of the Monuments"
    11. "In the Name of Us All"
    12. "Beneath It Sleeps"

  2. suicidesaints

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    Here for it.
  3. Ferrari333SP

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  4. Ferrari333SP

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  5. Ferrari333SP

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    Darkest Hour: 'Passion is more important than perfection'

    " Trends and fads waver like the tides but true, honest music is always appreciated. In this modern age of record making, passion is more important then perfection. Creating a song that connects with someone else is a truly magical experience and that magic is something that you must never lose sight of."
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  6. suicidesaints

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    album is great
  7. swboyd

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    Btw, they have advance copies of the album on CD and LP with them on tour at the moment. The LP is on white out of 500.
  8. Ferrari333SP

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  9. Ferrari333SP

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    Darkest Hour were fantastic last night; John's screams were vicious, the playing was tight, the solos delicious, everything was really good. I took a bunch of Instagram stories/videos; if you want to check them out my Insta handle is tomasengrav
  10. ChampsMusic

    Hey guys! Recently did an interview with Travis Orbin talking about Periphery, Sky Eats Airplane, and Darkest Hour.

    It's my first interview and actually just launched my site today, so I appreciate an feedback.

    Now for the clickbait: "Is a Sky Eats Airplane Reunion possible? Let's find out"

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  11. sophos34

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    i still listen to this religiously
  12. Late pass, just getting into this now. I’m really not that much of a metalhead but this album is fucking doing it for me
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  13. Ferrari333SP

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    The ending last section of "The Last of the Monuments" is one of the most epic things in metal