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  1. Vase Full Of Rocks


    Oof. Did not enjoy.

    P. S. J Law is a shitty person so I don't understand why anyone would defend her with the shitty makeup job.
  2. Zilla

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    How is she a shitty person?
  3. Vase Full Of Rocks


    Calls her cat Chaz Bono for being female yet having masculine energy, insulting trans people:

    Did Jennifer Lawrence & Ellen DeGeneres Just Insult Transgender People?

    Jokes about assaulting a fan:

    Insults Jessie Eisenberg for his OCD calling it "weird quirks":


    Refers to herself as a "dyke" for being slightly tomboyish:


    And then the Hawaii incident a lot of people are familiar with:

    Jennifer Lawrence offends with story about 'butt-scratching' on sacred rocks

    These were just the ones I could think of and find the fastest, but there are loads more out there. She's also insulted people with eating disorders by calling herself obese and saying she doesn't have to worry about rumors of her being anorexic.
  4. Zilla

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    Did not know most of this. That's really awful.

    I do want to loop back around and say that shitty tweet about her makeup still sucks because it comes from a geek misogynist who refers to the latest "Star Wars" movies as "The Soy." Not to deflect from some of the shitty things Lawrence has done, but if we're going to call out people for doing things in bad faith, that tweet still existing should be highlighted as well.
  5. Vase Full Of Rocks


    Yeah, shit. That guy is trash. Throw both of them out.
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  6. TEGCRocco


    One shitty person calling another shitty does not negate either of their shittiness

    That said, ouch. I only knew about a few of those Lawrence things (namely the OCD thing).
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  7. Zilla

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    I'm not saying it does. I originally took Vase Full of Rocks's statement of "Don't know why someone would defend Lawrence's makeup job" as directed towards me. And my original argument was because the person saying her makeup job was bad was doing it in bad faith because he's a blatant misogynist and seems to take swipes at any female actor involved in nerd stuff.

    But yes, they both are shitty.
  8. justin.

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    Another day, another celebrity who is a jerk.
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  9. justin.

    我誰什麼? 我現在知道。

    I have to enjoy this as it may possibly be the last time Quicksilver is in a movie. I don’t think he is coming back in the MCU.
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  10. Tim

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    Weird to see Marvel's official Twitter promote this film when they haven't promoted a Fox film in so long.

    Funny to see them tapping into the X-Men films' full history, including past actors, to promote this, which they're calling a "culmination" of the past couple decades. Which is totally just a polite way of saying this is kinda the end ("kinda" 'cause New Mutants).
  11. justin.

    我誰什麼? 我現在知道。

    Can we say that Fassbender is technically a Disney Magneto?
  12. Dinosaurs Dish

    who were we when we were who we were

    Call him whatever you want, he's amazing at it, haha
  13. SmithBerryCrunch

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    What other X-Men movies should I see (if any) before seeing this? I don't think I've seen many.
  14. Davjs


    At least Apocalypse because that's when Jean and Scott are introduced... but maybe even First Class and Days of Future Past just because they are in this timeline and also are amazing films. Apocalypse not so much, but is fun.
  15. Dinosaurs Dish

    who were we when we were who we were

    First Class and Days of Future Past absolutely rule, but yeah, Apocalypse isn't very good. It's okay.
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  16. Tim

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    From an ongoing narrative sense... Honestly, none? They're incredibly uneven quality-wise, & equally inconsistent continuity-wise. Even this whole comics-based approach of the Phoenix being a cosmic entity that Jean meets in space seemingly contradicts the last film, Apocalypse, which was bad anyways. Plus, w/ all the decade-hopping, as long as you know very vague, broad strokes, you'll be fine. You'll honestly probably be less confused if you don't care about those prior films in this iteration, lol.

    From a quality perspective, X2 and Logan are the best ones. Days of Future Past is good, too, & that one actually features characters that'll be in Dark Phoenix, though I'd watch X2 before DOFP so you can appreciate how it honors the original films. (Disclaimer: X2 & DOFP are both Bryan Singer films, & he's obviously a trash person that should never be promoted. So, approach your decision on if to watch, & if so then how to do it, w/ that in mind.)

    Only other one I'd mention is First Class, which is some people's favorite X-Men film, but I personally don't give a crap about it. I literally don't own it or want to, & I own the awful mess that is Last Stand ('cause nostalgia), lol. But, hey, if you're like the average comic book movie fan, w/out strong preexisting X-Men opinions, then you'll probably dig it. *shrug* It comes before DOFP.
  17. Davjs May 14, 2019
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    Hahaha Tim, what is all of this? Usually you are on point with your posts....but the ending of Apocalypse literally teases the Phoenix and introduces a lot of the cast for this new one. Even if it's not the best quality wise, it's probably still the best one to watch before Dark Phoenix.

    This just read like your personal mini reviews on all the X-films, which is fine, but imagine if that user took your advice and seen X2 and Logan before Dark Phoenix lol, that wouldn't help at all.

    On that note though @SmithBerryCrunch, Logan is an incredible film that is stand alone and you need to watch asap if you haven't.
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  18. SmithBerryCrunch

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    Looking at the list of X-Men films, I honestly can't remember if I've seen some of the earlier ones lol.

    I think I saw First Class, I've seen both Deadpools, and I've seen Logan. Will probably try to check out some of the others before seeing this just for the hell of it.
  19. Zilla

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    If you haven’t seen many X-Men movies, X2 and DOFP are probably the best of the bunch and if you dig those and Wolverine’s narrative, Logan is a decent finale to his arc.

    To color the narrative the characters of Dark Phoenix, it might be good to see First Class and DOFP and maybe just check out some highlights of Apocalypse and the stinger on Youtube. I really don’t remember it adding much to the background of the characters, outside of adding young Nightcrawler and Storm.
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  20. Tim

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    That's why I said "from an ongoing narrative perspective" & "from a quality perspective," though. X-Men films really aren't something you follow as a cohesive, ongoing narrative, the way you would the MCU leading to Endgame or Star Wars leading to Rise of Skywalker.

    Like, going back to Apocalypse... That ending does not set up Dark Phoenix at all 'cause it treated the Phoenix thing as something inside Jean, like Last Stand did, while the trailers & press for Dark Phoenix already tell us that it's treating the Phoenix Force as an outside cosmic entity she encounters in space. They're using the same actors and pieces of the same story, but they aren't really telling the same consistent story. Thus me saying, "You'll honestly probably be less confused if you don't care about those prior films in this iteration, lol."

    I think it's best to view X-Men as a brand more than a series. Get a sense of the brand's longevity & its highs, & then carry that into Dark Phoenix instead of expecting a satisfying narrative continuation of First Class through Apocalypse.
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  21. Davjs



    When that happened at the end of Apocalypse, I hated it because 1. Too soon and 2. It seems like a repeat of X-3.

    I took it as it is inside her and whatever happens is space is going to release it or maybe maybe something combines with it to set it off. Are they really going to just ignore the ending to Apocalypse completely? That is wild lol
  22. SpyKi

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    I haven't really rewatched any Xmen films but I remember really liking the first two, loving First Class and DOFP, I even enjoyed Apocalypse a fair amount. Logan is in my top 3 comic book movies. I hope I like this one.

    I really dig X-Men, I hope the new Hickman comics are good.
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  23. Vase Full Of Rocks


    Logan is fine.
  24. phaynes12

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    really hoping this is better than the apocalypse mess
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  25. Tim

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    The villain's manipulation feels not so subtly coded to sound the way people who don't understand feminism describe feminism, which has me a bit nervous, tbh. But other than that character, I like how these clips feel. Love Magneto's attitude towards Xavier.