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Dark Phoenix (Simon Kinberg; June 7, 2019) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Tim, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Tim

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    Dark Phoenix is an upcoming Marvel Comics film written & directed by long time writer/producer Simon Kinberg, in his directorial debut. It's the 12th film in Fox's two decade X-Men film franchise (and, with the impending Disney purchase, likely among the last).

    Inspired by the classic "Dark Phoenix Saga" by Chris Claremont & John Byrne. Starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain. Score composed by Hans Zimmer.

  2. Tim

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  3. I have a feeling this bombs relative to the other releases
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  4. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  5. Tim

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    Apocalypse already underperformed from what I recall. And, I don't think First Class did well, either. So, history isn't really on the side of this X-Men iteration. I don't think it'll be a full on bomb, but I'm also not expecting a hit.

    All I want is for it to be decent. I have yet to be into an X-Men film that isn't directly connected to the original trilogy (sorry, First Class fans), but thinking about my nostalgia for those initial films & this being likely the end of an era... I want one last alright film, lol.
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  6. It's for sure going to bomb, but I'm excited to see this cast one more time.
  7. justin.

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  8. Tim

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    That's an interesting report, considering the similarities between Dark Phoenix & Captain Marvel. Speaking of that comparison, Kinberg apparently compared the alien subplot to Secret Invasion. Hm.

    Anyways, this poster is cool:

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  9. justin.

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  10. Tim

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    Watching the video, it was definitely a leading question, straight up asking if this film is a new chapter for the franchise or the end. And, Simon's answer is a weird non-answer about how this film opens up for a new era without necessarily being that chapter itself. Gotta flounder through those awkward, unanswerable questions while the whole merger gets worked out.

    I dunno. Whatever. I just wanna like this movie.
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  11. justin.

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    Jean and Cyclops are a couple in the film," he confirms. "Scott will take much more of a leadership role than he has in previous movies. He's not as much of a boy scout as he was."
  12. Scott sucked in the previous film.
  13. Tim

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    That's an awkward still, but I love these costumes. Really nice mix of New X-Men & late 80s X-Factor, w/ a touch of the classic matching suits.

    As for Scott in Apocalypse... In all fairness, who didn't suck in Apocalypse? Outside maybe Magneto. If this is the first film to actually spend some time w/ Scott & give him his due, that'll be a good mark in its favor.
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  14. this is brutal lol

  15. Tim

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    If you search Twitter for "dark phoenix," you'll find all sorts of fun disputed screening responses, fake screening responses, people who think the movie won't be released (which, dumb; films that big have to come out and make at least some money back), & DC fanboy-level Fox X-Men stans.

    I'm personally still super obsessed with the film. It's both my second most anticipated comic book film of 2019 and the one with the highest probability of being my least favorite. I really hope we get another trailer between now & Alita.
  16. justin.

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    I would love footage during the Super Bowl.
  17. Tim

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    Same, but Fox is probably only gonna market Alita.
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  18. justin.

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    The poster leaked before the trailer (which should be here within a few days)

  19. Tim

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    ...who let this face placement happen? :chin:

    Anyways, just give me the dang trailer, & please don't look bad (particularly in whatever big effects shots they include).
  20. Tim

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    Trailer officially confirmed for tomorrow night. I think there's a late show it's expected to debut on? Let's go.

    Hope they show the 90s setting & shape shifting aliens, & then attach it to Captain Marvel. It'll be like when I rented Happy Death Day last night, & it had a trailer for Before I Fall.
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  21. Full Effect Ed

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    New trailer (features a massive spoiler...view at your own risk)
  22. Zilla

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    It looks alright. Better than what we’ve seen of it previously.
  23. Tim

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    Not that good a trailer per se, but I do like much of what's shown in it. The visuals are all really strong, which makes me happy since the CGI aesthetic's been a big question mark for me (especially after Apocalypse). And, this seems like it'll be the first X-Men film with a Cyclops I can care about, which thank goodness.

    Jean being all "why did you make me do that" without any context just doesn't sound good. Feels awkward, hopefully feels less awkward in context. Also not sure what to make of Jessica Chastain's character right now. Them not messing around with the, let's be real, OBVIOUS character death is a good choice, though, especially with how much most people are tired of that character.

    People online who are obsessing over Last Stand similarities are dumb. As someone who loves Amazing Spider-Man and has mixed feelings on Homecoming, I wouldn't want them to overcompensate in making this different. Only similarity so far not based in the source material is Jean's attire, which... Yeah, not the best choice, but in a vacuum, it doesn't look bad. And, the original Cockrum Phoenix design rules but wouldn't work for this film.

    Anyways, I'm still really looking forward to actually sitting down & watching this dang movie. Could still be awful, but could still also be something I really dig for what it is.
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  24. Tim

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  25. justin.

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    If the film is able to carry the vibe that this trailer gives, this may turn out to be my favorite core X-Men since X2.