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Danny Wimmer 2017 Festivals Festival

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by kidinthebushes, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. kidinthebushes Nov 14, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 11, 2017)



    Def Leppard / Chevelle / Seether / Papa Roach / Alter Bridge / Three Days Grace / In This Moment / Of Mice & Men / Motionless In White / Nothing More / Beartooth / Cover Your Tracks / Felicity

    Soundgarden / A Perfect Circle / The Offspring / Mastodon / Highly Suspect / The Pretty Reckless / In Flames / Eagles of Death Metal / All That Remains / Starset / I Prevail / Dinosaur Pile-Up / Goodbye June


    Soundgarden / A Perfect Circle / The Offspring / Mastodon / Coheed And Cambria / Pierce The Veil / The Pretty Reckless / Highly Suspect / Of Mice & Men / Eagles Of Death Metal / In Flames / All That Remains / Starset / Dinosaur Pile-Up / I Prevail / Volumes / Crobot / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / As Lions / Badflower / Goodbye June / The Charm The Fury

    Def Leppard / Chevelle / Seether / Papa Roach / Three Days Grace / Alter Bridge / Amon Amarth / Gojia / In This Moment / The Dillinger Escape Plan / Motionless In White / Nothing More / Beartooth / Every Time I Die / Rival Sons / Attila / Kyng / Sylar / Fire From The Gods / Cover Your Tracks


    Soundgarden / A Perfect Circle / Mastodon / The Cult / Pierce the Veil / Opeth / Amon Amarth / Eagles of Death Metal / Highly Suspect / Gojira / Nothing More / Every Time I Die / Starset / Radkey / Crobot / Volumes / Dorothy / As Lions / Wage War / Mother Feather

    Def Leppard / KORN / Tesla / Chevelle / Alter Bridge / The Pretty Reckless / Sum 41 / In Flames / In This Moment / Dillinger Escape Plan / Machine Gun Kelly / The Amity Affliction / All That Remains / Rival Sons / I Prevail / Dinosaur Pile-Up / Ded / Badflower / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / Citizen Zero / Cover Your Tracks

    Avenged Sevenfold / The Offspring / Volbeat / Papa Roach / Seether / Three Days Grace / Coheed And Cambria / Skillet / Taking Back Sunday / Falling In Reverse / Motionless In White / Beartooth / Fozzy / Kyng / Sylar / Goodbye June / Fire From The Gods / The Charm The Fury / Royal Republic


    Soundgarden / Godsmack / Bush / The Pretty Reckless / Pierce The Veil / In Flames / Sum 41 / The Struts / Of Mice & Men / The Dillinger Escape Plan / The Story So Far / Rival Sons / I Prevail / Volumes / Every Time I Die / Dinosaur Pile-Up / Dorothy / Bleeker / As Lions / Wage War

    Kid Rock / The Offspring / Papa Roach / Alter Bridge / Amon Amarth / Opeth / Gojira / Motionless In White / Fozzy / Nothing More / Attila / Starset / Bad Omens / Radkey / Citizen Zero / Sylar / Badflower / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / Goodbye June / The Charm The Fury


    Soundgarden / Live / Bush / Chevelle / Pierce The Veil/ Gojira / Sum 41 / Of Mice & Men / Thrice / Motionless In White / Beartooth / The Amity Affliction / I Prevail / Red Fang / Bleeker / Norma Jean / Badflower / Goodbye June / Cover Your Tracks / Aeges

    KORN / The Offspring / Papa Roach / Seether / Coheed & Cambria / Alter Bridge / Taking Back Sunday / Skillet / In Flames / The Story So Far / Starset / Turnstile / Whitechapel / Attila / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / Kyng / Ded / Sylar / Fire From The Gods / One Less Reason

    Metallica / Volbeat / Primus / The Pretty Reckless / Biffy Clyro / Amon Amarth / Dillinger Escape Plan / Nothing More / Zakk Sabbath / Rival Sons / Deafheaven / Every Time I Die / Suicide Silence / Dinosaur Pile-Up / Dorothy / Radkey / Wage War / As Lions / Royal Republic / Motherfeather


    KISS / Rob Zombie / Megadeth / Anthrax / Meshuggah / Dillinger Escape Plan / Falling In Reverse / Demon Hunter / Suicide Silence / Whitechapel / Crobot / Code Orange / Hell Or Highwater / Failure Anthem

    KORN / Godsmack / Seether / Clutch / Steel Panther / Body Count / Avatar / Mushroomhead / Metal Church / Pig Destroyer / Dragonforce / Cane Hill / Night Verses / Black Map

    Ozzy Ozbourne / Slayer / Stone Sour / Lamb Of God / Amon Amarth / Hellyeah / Behemoth / Vimic / Kyng / Devildriver / Norma Jean / Whores. / Ded
  2. kidinthebushes Nov 14, 2016
    (Last edited: Nov 15, 2016)


    I went to Rock on the Range with my buddies last year and had a great time but I don't see myself returning next year. Too far away and with Open Air hopefully returning next year, I will just go to that.
  3. TMS2787


    Oh. I thought maybe this thread would actually have some information on the festival line-up. Silly me.
  4. Behind the Barricade

    We can always start speculating on the lineup. I'm going with Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Korn as headliners.
  5. kidinthebushes


    I fully expect A7X to do all the hard rock festivals this summer.
  6. Behind the Barricade

    Here's a tough question: do they pander to the average fan and throw in the radio hits or is this a majority of Stage songs? I'd prefer the latter but I'm sure they'll do an arena run in the summer doing just that.
  7. kidinthebushes


    System of a Down will be overseas in June. ROTR is possible.
  8. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

  9. Behind the Barricade

    I think System would be better fit for Open Air (as next year's Rammstein act).
  10. bstadtfeld

    but does it djent?

    I'm betting A7X for sure. Korn has a high chance of doing it too. I'm really hoping to go this year.
  11. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Prestigious

    I don't really see Linkin Park there in 2017. They just headlined in 2015 and it seems a little too soon for a repeat headliner. Avenged Sevenfold headlined one of the days in 2014, but I guess a return to ROTR 3 years later isn't out of the question. I can see Korn playing in 2017 but at this stage I'd say that they're more of a direct support band.
  12. Behind the Barricade

    ROTR usually has 2 World's Loudest Month headliners and a one off headliner. Depending on when the album is coming out, LP could be the perfect one off headliner on Sunday. WLM also uses the same couple headliners so I can see Korn (especially with their latest album selling extremely well) doing Friday night's lineup and A7X on Saturday. Other headliner possibilities could be Volbeat, Tool, Temple of the Dog, Metallica or GnR. It's hard to tell since all the "bigger headliners" that just put out newer music played last year.
  13. TMS2787



    It's a lock. Book it. Run it.
  14. Behind the Barricade

    RotR would declare bankruptcy on May 22nd if this was the lineup.
  15. TMS2787


    Haha. Even before that. I hate Metallica but the other two would be great to me. I went for the first time last year on Sunday because the four bands I wanted to see played that day.
  16. Behind the Barricade

    If you do have a chance to see Metallica live, do it. They're a great live act and James sounds great live. I haven't made it out to RotR yet but I'd love to go. It sounds like the American version of Download.
  17. kidinthebushes


    Should I just make one thread for all the Danny Wimmer festivals (Rock on the Range, Welcome to Rockville, Fort Rock, Northern Invasion, Carolina Rebellion, etc)?
  18. Behind the Barricade

    Yes and no. Most of them are the exact same lineup and no one would probably comment on them (except for a couple people) but things would get confusing if we lumped all those together. He has about 9 different festivals.
  19. kidinthebushes


    I went along and did it. None of the threads for the other four festivals I made had any posts.
  20. Behind the Barricade

    Fair enough. Plus, most of the people on this website aren't too into these hard rock festivals.
  21. kidinthebushes


    That too!
  22. kidinthebushes


    I'll keep this thread for the five festivals in May aka the World's Loudest Month ones.
  23. Behind the Barricade

    I know it's not Danny's but Rocklahoma should be included since it's apart of WLM.
  24. jayswan


    I have gone to RoTR the last couple years. Last year the lineup wasn't as good as 2015 and I liked the lineup at Chicago Open Air much more than RoTR. It's still a great time regardless.

    Based on album releases and when they last played RoTR, I would guess the following bands would be in the mix for non-headlining slots:

    In Flames
    Of Mice & Men
    Dillinger Escape Plan
    Papa Roach
    The Devil Wears Prada
    Upon a Burning Body

    My tastes tend more to metal instead of hard rock so I am sure there are tons of more mainstream radio-friendly acts that will be on the bill.

    As for headliners, there is a good crop of potential bands:

    Rammstein (played Chicago Open Air so maybe gettable for the biggest US festival)
    System of a Down

    For a WTF headliner, I have seen Green Day mentioned and I think Aerosmith is playing some European festivals so don't be surprised if they pop up. Nine Inch Nails is rumored to be making new music so they could show up as well.
  25. kidinthebushes Nov 16, 2016
    (Last edited: Nov 16, 2016)


    I think hard rock/metal music is in a bad place. All the most popular bands are 20-30 years old. Besides ADTR and BMTH I can't think of another "newer" band that has potential to really stick around for a long time. I guess you can consider A7X a bit newer when compared to bands like KORN and Metallica.