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    Dance Gavin Dance is a band from Sacramento, California formed in 2005.The band currently consists of Will Swan (Guitar), Matt Mingus (Drums), and Jon Mess (Vocals) as the remaining original members along with Tilian Pearson (Vocals) and Tim Feerick (Bass) who have been in the band since 2012. Former members include Jonny Craig (Vocals) and Kurt Travis (Vocals).
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    Dance Gavin Dance Thread Pt. 2
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    that's the spirit
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    The Jonny drama unsurprisingly continues...

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    I thought he left the band
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    He's continuing until the end of the tour apparently.
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    ayyyyye! DGD thread was my fav on AP, let's make this one just as good if not better starting by universally accepting 'Happiness' as their best album...
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  12. tshreve


    Let's inevitably rank vocalists from favorite to least favorite:
    1. Kurt Travis
    2. Tilian Pearson
    3. Jonny Craig
  13. Benjamin Lee


    Geez. I was kind of hoping Jonny actually cleaned up. But, aside from that, Tree City Sessions sounds like it's going to be awesome. Really excited for it.
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    the first thing i say in the morning is
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    I just check my phone.
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    "People are vented and tired, so..."
  17. ChampsMusic

    Sad that Jonny can't get the help he needs. That dude just needs to be exposed for who he truly is and just get the helps he needs.

    I'm excited for this live album, but not as excited as I am for the new DGD this fall. Hoping they have vocal features from Kurt and Jonny for old times sake.
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    Having a good voice doesn't give you a pass for being a fucking asshole.
  19. Daniel182

    Cheers to the fact that we're not dead

    Here we go...

    1. Kurt Travis
    2. Tilian Pearson
    3. Jonny Craig

    1. Dance Gavin Dance
    2. Happiness
    3. Instant Gratification
    4. Downtown Battle Mountain
    5. Acceptance Speech
    6. Downtown Battle Mountain II
    7. Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean
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    1. Tilian
    2. Kurt

    3. Jonny
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    happiness is their only good record, jon mess sucks and the kurt/garren combination was perfect
    okay i'm out!
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    New thread so I'm reposting my top 5:

    1) Burning Down the Nicotine Armoire pt2
    2) NASA
    3) Uneasy Hearts
    4) Antlion
    5) Death of a Strawberry
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    Off topic but I'm interviewing Donovan from Hail The Sun; quote me with questions please
  24. christsizedshoes


    I was a big fan of the Tides of Man LP, so I only recently checked into DGD because of Tilian. I love Acceptance Speech and find Instant Gratification pretty decent, but wasn't into what little of their back catalog I sampled. It's probably the case that their core sound - the one OG fans fell in love with - just doesn't do it for me, whereas the new direction they've taken with Tillian is more palatable. But I'll have to give the old stuff a fairer shot at some point.
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    Instant Gratification is easily my favourite DGD album.