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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Has Good Music Taste

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Dale Earnhardt Jr. likes The Dangerous Summer.

    Many consider Junior the poster boy for old-school NASCAR. He’s actually not. He’s far more of a hipster than good old boy. His music taste? There’s Lord Huron, of course, and The Dangerous Summer, a rock band so obscure they broke up in 2014. Then there’s Matthew Good, a Canadian rocker, and Twenty One Pilots, semi-Emo rock band. While he says he’ll listen to any good song, from Taylor Swift to Barry Manilow, one genre is noticeably absent: country music.

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  2. Bayside 182

    Wolverine Supporter

    Nice taste in music. The Dangerous Summer is great.
  3. Smittzerland

    First time long time (FKA musicfan9795) Prestigious

    Big fan of the scene.

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  4. Ben Lee

    I drink coffee and dad my kids Supporter

    Lord Huron for the win.
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  5. Matt Metzler

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    This is awesome.
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  6. Dirty Sanchez

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    Obviously not:

    Just kidding.
  7. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Wow, dude just got so much more cool
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  8. Matt Metzler

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    Just noticed the phrase "semi-Emo rock band" and the capitalization of emo cracks me up.
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  9. devenstonow


    I also love the fact that breaking up in 2014 makes a band obscure
  10. disambigujason

    Trusted Supporter

    haha was gonna say this, got a good chuckle out of it.

    dale was a long time twitter hold out in the nascar world, but he's crazy active now. about as like-able a guy as there is in the sports world. i'll be pulling hard for him this year.
  11. War Paint was such a good record. Not a huge fan of the one after that, but man, I'd love to get a new record out of those dudes.
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  12. aniafc


    Yep i remember him and Soupy tweeting back and forth a while ago, pretty funny stuff
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  13. Isn't there a band named after him? I wonder he likes them haha.
  14. pauldunions

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    Dangerous summer, jimmy eat world, third eye blind on there. So randomly awesome
  15. Always appreciate good rep for the Manilow.
  16. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, but they shortened the name to Jr Jr
  17. DooDooBird


    Remember watching MTV Cribs wayyyy back in the day and noticed how cool Dale Jr was. He wrote a letter and gave a Dave Grohl a signature series Les Paul guitar just as a thank you for making good music. Well, after Dale Earnhardt Sr was killed in the Daytona 500, Grohl played some Foo Fighters shows with the guitar. Really cool shit. Googled more about it and found this:
    Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gave Dave Grohl A Dale Jr. Gibson Les Paul Two Days Before Dale Sr. Death
  18. Iamhollywood315


    members are douche nozzles but the music is good. Also speaking of Nascar drivers that like good music. Bubba Wallace is the bees knees.
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  19. Barcara


    Matthew Good, damn that's awesome.

    "Hospital Music" is a pivotal album in my life but holy smokes is it depressing.

    If anyone's curious, check out "Load Me Up", "Strange Days" and "Born Losers". Can give more in-depth recommendations too, he's got a bit of a catalogue with a lot of different sounds.
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  20. RobbTWYH


    a little disappointed that you guys used TDS as the headline band he likes. I feel like you shouldn't be giving them publicity after what fuckface has pulled on a pretty large portion of your readers.
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  21. Onlyadirector

    Trusted Supporter

    My eye twitched at "Twenty One Pilots, a semi emo rock band"

    Dude has an awesome taste in music, though. So cool.
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  22. JohnnyStacks


    There was an old article where he says he's heard of them but hasn't listened to them. I think he made some joke saying they have a great band name.
  23. inwaves

    the ships have all sailed to the sea Supporter

    So cool. He just seems like a great guy.
  24. Crisp X

    Don't stop looking at me Supporter

    I admit I'm surprised as well. I guess this is the kind of talk that could be used (again ?) as a conversation starter on the next podcast (listening to an artist's music versus their personality). Lately I've been listening to Lostprophets for the first time in 4 and a half years, basically since the pedophilia allegations about the singer were revealed. Their music is definitely tainted, there's no doubt about it. I don't blame people for refusing to give them a listen again.
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  25. There's no person alive that understands how shitty one member of that band is than me.