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Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Quest to Defend Pop Punk

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 16, 2018.

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    Luke O’Neil, writing at Noisey:

    A lot of our drivers, I think, listen to country or current pop. Nothing that’s really too much behind that first layer. I’ve always needed a little bit more than that. I’ve always enjoyed the search for something different or something a little more substantial. I always thought if I wasn’t racing one of my dream jobs would be as a scout, going town to town and trying to find bands in all these little dive bars. That would be so much fun, discovering music that way as opposed to from your phone.

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  2. I don't listen to pop-punk anymore, but this was a great read. Seems like a really down-to-earth person.
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  3. Shrek

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    yeah he seems like a really nice guy
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  4. angrycandy

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    @Dirty Sanchez is always trying to get him to join this site on Twitter
  5. Shrek

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  6. justin.

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    He has good taste.
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  7. Ryan

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    Not a racing fan at all. I know a few guys names, and know of him obviously, I knew hd dug The Dangerous Summer, but not our tiny scene to that extent. Pretty cool.
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  8. disambigujason

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    Worth noting he was also the only driver to support athletes kneeling for the flag. Dale was the best guy in the sport.
  9. Bass0820


    Met Jr. at the Gator Bowl five years, very very nice and chill
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  10. Joe4th

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    Dale is really awesome. Bummed he's retired now.
  11. SEANoftheDEAD


    I always thought that'd be my dream job too. Just don't really think it exists anymore
  12. theasteriskera

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    Am I the only one that wants a tattoo of that Dale Jr pic right now?
  13. rxbandit89

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    Damn. I hate that I finally found NASCAR driver that I like only to discover they already broke up.
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    Haha awesome
  15. Jared Luttrell


    Damn this is cool.