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Cymbal.Fm App

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by conti_in_stereo, May 3, 2016.

  1. Social networking app revolving around music. Your posts are songs. Connects to Soundcloud and Spotify.

    Thoughts? Anyone else using it?

    Add me: conti_in_stereo.
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  2. Looks interesting. I do wish it had Apple Music support though.
  3. Same! I'm hoping as they grow that will become a thing.
  4. teebs41

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    i really like this app, having trouble finding people who have my taste in music though. follow me at teebs41
  5. I had the app. I need to download it again.

    Username: ianebaldwin
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  6. jorbjorb

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    I liked the app but there wasn't much to follow

  7. Decided to change my username. It is now hearseedesign to match my brand.
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  8. Deanna

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    I have this as well. Trying to be more consistent with posting to it, though.

    Username: deannachapman
  9. Adding everyone! Hardest part about getting into a new app/social network in getting people to interact with. Figure even if it's just a few of us, getting the Chorus community together on here could be cool.
  10. Sounds interesting, I'll jump in! Been wondering when a music-based social media app would pop up like this. Hopefully it catches on

    username: Dwpaulin
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  11. sean_rugy

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    I've been using this for a while now and really like it, just wish it had Apple Music support. Also trying out SoundShare.

    username for both: sean_rugy
  12. Even just getting a few more people to follow/following back has made this app a lot more enjoyable.
  13. this is a smart idea for an app.

    Feel free to add me :)

    username: ilikedesigning
  14. Lindsay M

    drunk on the radio waves

    oh cool, i'll play.

    username = lindsayjmich
  15. Added ya both!
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  16. LuigiPeppercorn

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    Added all of you

    I'm TheDanMueller
  17. teebs41

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    Follow me teebs41 will follow back. Also been using this a bit more recently
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  18. DrawYourMind

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    Android friendly?
  19. Should be! A few people added me recently, followed back. Same goes for everyone else!
  20. DeRRek


    I recently joined cymbal and have to say I think it's a really cool app. I enjoy it and have found new music through it. It's cool that you can save them directly to your Spotify account. I link my FB account to see if any of my friends had it but nope. Not. A. Single. One. Hahaha. I have followed a lot of people and quite a few have followed back now so that's good. It's definitely fun and easy to use. I'm @DeRRek if anyone on here would like to follow me.
  21. twisterman2006

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    Going to try this out again! I love the idea but didn't use it much my first go around. Feel free to add me @pauljgreco and I'll add you back!
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  22. workingmandan


    Been loving this app. Definitely somewhere between Soundcloud meets Instagram, really unique idea. Will follow those of you who posted your handles! I'm under @downportrecords :)
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  23. sean_rugy

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    Apple Music integration is huuuuuuge
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  24. jorbjorb

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  25. teebs41

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