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    Cursive is an American indie rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. Described as emo-tinged post-hardcore, Cursive came to prominence with 2000's Domestica and found commercial and critical success with 2003's The Ugly Organ. The band has released seven studio albums, a compilations album, and a mix of singles and EPs since 1997.

    Discuss how incredible Domestica and The Ugly Organ are.
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    im on mobile hang on
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    you are a picky somebody ill be damned
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    in 5 years when people are looking at this thread theyll be like "they had a special friendship" and thatll be cool.

    So this band is great huh.
  6. Aaron Mook

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    Domestica is amazing. Hoping this band still has another record or two in them...from speaking with Matt about Live at O'Leary's, I really believe they do.

    I'm also selling my copy of The Ugly Organ on vinyl, if anyone is interested.
  7. bedwettingcosmo

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    spun ugly organ earlier today. probably one of the few music oriented tattoos id seriously consider
  8. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    Great record their best one.
  9. bedwettingcosmo

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    easily, in my eyes
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  11. bedwettingcosmo

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  12. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    Cool I remember checking out your blog. I'm SimpleSongs on rym. Funny that like AP that site will be changing very soon. For the better I'm sure. AP and rym are my go to sites
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    Since like 2006
  14. Lindsay M

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    The Ugly Organ is fantastic. When I was like 14 I made a shirt that had the lyrics from Art is Hard on it and got complemented by the dude who worked at my local record store. Made my life
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  15. CoffeeEyes17

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    Domestica and The Ugly Organ are flawless albums. Shame they never really did anything else on that same level. I've listened to the other albums Cursives made and theyre pretty good, just not quite the level of those 2 preceding masterpieces.
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  16. Patterns in Traffic Supporter

    Ugly Organ is incredible. Also thought Happy Hollow was really underrated. A little harder to get into maybe, but I appreciated how strictly it stuck to the overarching concept/story and still managed to be pretty damn catchy.
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  17. Drewski

    Maybe so, maybe not.

    ^ Happy Hollow is most definitely underrated.
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  18. Aaron Mook

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    I actually think Mama, I'm Swollen is underrated, maybe my second favorite after Domestica tbh
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  19. airik625

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    Though I agree it is underrated, it probably falls somewhere around fourth for me. I actually think the bonus tracks and b-sides are better than a lot of what made that album.

    Happy Hollow and The Ugly Organ will always be my favorite.

    Burst & Bloom is a gem, also.
  20. bedwettingcosmo

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    i feel so left out when it comes to domestica. i enjoy it and i'll sit through it every once and a while but i prefer organ > hollow > mama
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  21. nohandstoholdonto

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    Domestica is my favorite, but The Ugly Organ is also phenomenal.
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  22. CoffeeEyes17

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    I can always count on Audrey and Zac

    both are incredible pieces of music. I've always felt like The Ugly Organ (and now Domestica) were fundamental blueprints for future scene concept albums with a darker spin on them (Is A Real Boy, Trainwreck, What To Do When You're Dead, etc). Not to sell short the bands other releases, both those 2 are absolute masterpieces of incredible music and emotion.
  23. Laura

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    I love this band so much. I agree with the consensus that Domestica and The Ugly Organ are their best, but I don't think they have a bad album.

    Domestica was that life-changing album for me. I still remember buying it the summer before I started high school, and it's what got me into indie rock.
  24. Tom Lee

    Tea Leaf and ⅓ of Hora Douse.

    Haven't seen anyone mention the last album, but damn, I thought 'I Am Gemini' was sooooo good.

    Also, is it worth making a The Good Life thread too or should that stay in here? Black Out is one of my favourite records. I was so stoked to get to open for them in February when they came to the UK- Tim is such a sweetheart. :heart:
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  25. bedwettingcosmo

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    black out is my spirit album.