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Crossy Road: The Disney Version

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Crossy Road has released a Disney version of their iOS game. The launch trailer can be found on YouTube or by hitting read more. The Verge, with more:

    Disney Crossy Road goes in a different direction. While the first area is exactly the same as the world from the original game, the rest are all based on different Disney properties and feature new gameplay characteristics to suit them. Some of the changes are just visual — in the Lion King world you’re avoiding charging animals instead of cars — while others are twists on the Crossy Road formula. In the Tangled world you have to avoid barrels falling down a hill, while Inside Out tasks you with collecting colorful memory orbs.

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  2. bruinrk


    so its just Frogger...with Disney properties?
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  3. Jonathan

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    You're essentially correct, but it's fun as hell and the levels change to suit the character (even in the original Crossy Road)… lots of fun on Apple TV with two players or on the phone.
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