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Crooked Media Announces New Website and Network

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Crooked Media has launched a new website, podcast, and network of contributors:

    That’s us and that’s it. We’re proud of what we’ve built so far and excited for what’s next. Truth is, none of us expected to be doing this. Crooked wasn’t born of some master plan or a slick PowerPoint presentation with a battle-tested business model. We bet there were people like us who were frustrated and looking for something more. That people have responded has meant the world to us. And we couldn’t get through this roiling clusterfuck of a presidency without all of you.

    The website looks good and the contributor network is full of great voices.

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    DeRay Mckesson

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  4. myawrld


    Love them. Pod Save America is a podcast that I get so excited for new episodes each week. I have dived into Pod Save The People/World and With Friends Like These/Lovett or Leave It but not nearly as much as Pod Save America. Not that the other shows aren't great but PSA has such a great dynamic it's really hard to top.

    It would likely turn into content overload but would be absolutely stoked if they put out a show on a daily basis (though - I guess that's where the rest of the Crooked network fills the gap)

    They are coming to Chicago next week and I am kicking myself for not getting tickets. Might have to pay a scalper
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    My wife and I are talking about moving from Mid-City West to West LA to make our work commutes easier, but living three blocks from the Largo affords us too many opportunities to bump into the Crooked Media guys on the street. So it's a toss-up.
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    I love Symone Sanders.
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  7. DandonTRJ Oct 4, 2017
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    It's worth it just to hear the stuff that doesn't make the recording. Lovett got lovingly and hilariously roasted by Eric Garcetti at the first live episode of PSA I attended, and every LOLI taping my wife and I go to invariably has fantastic audience interaction (sometimes even full segments) that never leaves the room.

    I'm also biased because Lovett closed out the 9/16 LOLI with my question.
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