Critical Analysis: Denzel Washington

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by popdisaster00, Sep 28, 2016.

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    I think American Gangster is my favorite of his
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    He's in this sphere where even most of the good movies he makes aren't really incredible, but he is observable as potentially the most incredible actor working. Malcolm X is probably the best film he's been in by a considerable margin, and Training Day is an electric performance and film. His work with Spike Lee is more hit than miss, Inside Man is another standout. Like Marlon Brando, he's an actor I love to watch even when the film isn't incredible (though Brando was in like, six or seven legitimate masterpieces, but that's an unfair mark to hold anyone to).

    Underrated is his partnership with Tony Scott. Man on Fire, Unstoppable and the Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 remake were all very solid, tightly made thrillers. I'm not sure how well Deja Vu would hold up but I really enjoyed it at the time. None of those films really blew up or are overly lauded, but I saw and enjoyed them all quite a bit. I miss Tony Scott a lot.
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  5. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    He's great in pretty much everything. Kills it in emotionally heavy performances like Glory, Flight, Philadelphia, The Hurricane. Still haven't seen Malcolm X. He's fun in Unstoppable, 2 Guns, and Remember the Titans remains a crowd pleaser. Terrific villain in American Gangster and Training Day.
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    Watched Training Day for the first time this year. Sad that it took me so long, great movie, and Denzel is marvelous in it.
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    Man on Fire and Training Day are soooooo good
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    This thread reminded me that I absolutely loved Book of Eli when it came out. Haven't seen it in years but assuming I wouldn't like much but Denzel's performance these days.
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    Fences looks good:

    I have loved him in Training Day, Man on Fire, American Gangster, Flight, and plenty of others. I need to see Malcolm X.
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    I've never seen him mail it in, even in movies I don't like and he always elevates whatever he is in.
  11. He has a great filmography and I'm really looking forward to seeing Fences.
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    Flight was really bad. I think that was the most unhappy I've been with a Denzel Washington movie.
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    Never saw it. Looked like the whole movie was in the trailer which is a turn off. Was he bad in it or was it just a bad movie? Or both?
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    I enjoyed it, but don't expect a very subtle movie. Even as a religious guy I was rolling my eyes at all the heavy-handed themes.
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    One of the most consistent and likes le actors around. Anything with Denzel earns an auto watch from me. While I like his action flicks, I think he's capable of so much more. Really looking forward to fences.
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    That's how I feel. I definitely enjoy his action movies but nothing beats him in a drama. Glory is my personal favorite (but I'm a real civil war nerd)
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    I have yet to be disappointed by him and I've seen him carry some otherwise bad films. It's weird to call one of the most famous and recognizable actors underrated but he just might be. He's up there with Leo or Hanks or Pitt where people call him great without really realize or think about why he's great. He is also more diverse than people give him credit for.

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    Just went through my Letterboxd to see which films I've seen him in. He has some less than memorable films, but the ones that are good are really solid, and never half-asses a performance.

    Out of his filmography, I've seen Flight (really like the first 30 minutes and ending, but the middle drags a lot), Inside Man (don't really remember much, but liked it alright), Unstoppable (a really fun, underrated popcorn flick), Remember the Titans (harmless enough, though not necessarily one I'd say I like), Glory (watched in middle school, remember liking it quite a bit) and Virtuosity (a really so bad it's good film that deserves some attention for that reason).

    Really need to watch Training Day and Philadelphia, and would also like to watch Malcolm X, Magnificent Seven, Man on Fire, 2 Guns and John Q if I'm in the mood.
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    Is it possible to be too handsome and too charming? Idk, ask Denzel Washington.

    He's very committed and believable in everything he does.
  20. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    I need to re-watch Virtuosity. Even as a kid I thought it was schlocky and I can only imagine how dated it is with it's technology
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    I love Denzel. He can take a pretty average programmer (The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Crimson Tide, The Magnificent Seven) and elevate it. And when the foundation is more solid, you get some of the best action stuff around like Unstoppable or Inside Man.

    His dramatic career is equally impressive, too. He is outstanding in Training Day, Flight, Philadelphia, Glory, Malcolm X, Devil in a Blue Dress, The Hurricane and He Got Game.

    My only wish with Denzel is that he'd work with more major directors where it's about the film and the role, as opposed to a star vehicle. But hard to complain when he turns out so much excellent work.
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    He reminds me of Tom Hanks in that sense. Really accomplished, great actor, but hard to imagine them doing a feature that doesn't bring a big payday.
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    Nobody has mentioned The Great Debaters, yet. Besides Training Day and American Gangster, this is probably my favorite movie of his.