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Creeper Move Release Date

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 5, 2020.

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    Creeper have moved the release of their new album to July 31st.

    Owing to the impact of Covid-19, CREEPER have decided to move the release date of their new album ‘SEX, DEATH & THE INFINITE VOID’ back to July 31st.
    CREEPER strongly believe that the launch of their new album should be an event which the fan community can share together. With production of physical formats delayed by the impact of the pandemic, the band didn’t want fans who had pre-ordered the album on vinyl or CD to miss out. CREEPER are also passionate about planning special activity around their album launches, which isn’t possible in the current situation.

    To compensate for the delay, CREEPER will be sharing more tracks from the album in advance of its release. Expect further news on these to follow imminently.

    CREEPER recently announced that their UK headline tour, originally scheduled for April, has been postponed until August. The original tickets remain valid for the new dates. The shows are:

  2. skogsraet

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    Pushing back an album release in the hopes that you'll be able to play 1,500+ cap venues in the fall seems like a bad choice but okay
  3. I really want to see the numbers behind the business case for this. I'm not impatient but it really doesn't add up to me. People won't be back in venues in the fall.
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  4. tomtom94


    If there's one thing I hope comes out of this I want labels to realise that long album rollouts are bad
  5. CMilliken


    *eye roll*
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  6. DickyCullz

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    you'd think in this day and age everyone is just going to stream it anyway regardless of whether or not they've pre-ordered a physical copy
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  7. seanxwilliams

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    Idiot move
  8. koryoreo


    The original release date was already too far out when it was announced and this virus isn't going anywhere anytime soon so this seems like a stupid move.

    I doubt we see any live music this year and it's not like they are a hugely popular band that needs a special rollout. This will only hurt any momentum they had, which was almost nonexistent given how long its taken to get this album out. I think completely disappearing for a year before the original anmouncement hurt the band as well. They went from doing Warped Tour and opening a huge tour for Neck Deep to doing absolutely nothing for a long time. Super odd way to try to expand your fanbase.
  9. bakin


    Maybe it's a ploy by the record label to give them extra time to reconsider the album title.
  10. ItsAndrew May 15, 2020
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    The fact that they are pushing the album back to coincide with a tour that very likely is not happening is laughable. How delirious do people have to be to think 1,000+ capacity shows will happen in just a few months? They aren't going to have a perfect rollout with everything they want to do, but...every other band releasing an album in this time is in the same boat. Those bands aren't pushing their albums back.

    Edit: I know the move may not be the bands choice, I do understand that.