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Creep Records Signs Jank

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Philadelphia band, Jank, have signed to Creep Records and launched pre-orders for their much buzzed about debut album, Awkward Pop Songs. For a limited time the full album is available for free on Bandcamp. A limited first pressing of the vinyl will be released on May 27th (300 blue inside white and 700 kelly green and orange with purple splatter) and there are pre-order options that also include a t-shirt and medtainer. A message from Creep Records, and a promo code, can be found below.

    From Creep Records:

    JANK was a band we discovered when they played at Creep Records retail store more than a year ago. We immediately fell in love with the band. I’ve been reading AbsolutePunk and now Chorus for over a decade and the first place I thought to advertise was to this incredible community. There isn’t a day I don’t visit the site and I couldn’t wait to have this community check out this band. I discovered many of my favorite bands from this site and I’m hoping JANK will soon be one of all of yours.

    Promo code “CHORUSMENDSBROKENHEARTS” will save you 10% at Creep Records.

    Creep Records can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Our thanks to Creep Records for sponsoring Chorus this week.

  2. sean_rugy

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    such a fun album. good for them.
  3. MattNCheeze


    Aside from hat store this is a good little album. Just saw these guys two weeks ago and for a three piece they know how to make a lot of noise. Phenomenal live.
  4. fyebes

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    love this band. awkward pop songs is incredible.