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Cove Reber Starts New Band • Page 2

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. I'm not counting/wouldnt count on this being like Saosin, but the other clips do sound better. I actually like this first song, but I get why it turns people off.

    Sweet profile pic btw. Can't wait for that album.
  2. reesy


    I don't mind the song either, would just love more melodies to hear more of that voice again, been too long.

    Thanks, can't wait for it either. Loving the new direction and Ive got very high hopes for the rest of the album.
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  3. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    For me it's less about how bad/good it is, and more to do with how incredibly disappointed I was by it at the time. I'd loved their previous releases so much it was just such a letdown to appreciate it so little.
  4. Darth Amory

    Sith Lord.

    ISOSG suffered from the live stream on their fuckin' studio recording. We all heard all these demos we loved and then heard the final product that got overproduced and were like... Uhhhh...What happened to all that cool shit you did when you were recording?
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  5. SFguitar


    Cove's boring melodies aren't the only problem with ISOSG. Didn't anyone notice the lack of heavy riffs and metal guitar work that made the EP and S/T so great??
  6. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Man I forgot this guy even existed. I've tried listening to the first Saosin album a couple of times but 1 song in I just don't feel it anymore. ISOSG was and will always remain awful though.
  7. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Nah it's a piece of shit bro, but hey different strokes as they say. I think we all secretly like one terrible album at least and kudos you're open enough to admit yours!
  8. reesy


    Definitely wasn't a "piece of shit", bro.
  9. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    It really was. Easily one of the most uninspired collections of songs ever released, next to its follow up.
  10. Its follow up?
  11. Dust Of Fallen Rome


  12. Oh right, I thought I had missed another release.