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Converge – No Heroes

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    This Halloween, just like any other, many people go out looking for something that’ll scare them. They search for something that rattle their bones, haunt their dreams, and leave a lasting impression on their senses. While most people will look for this sensation in the wrong places, such as going to cheesy haunted houses or wasting eight bucks on Saw III, I am here to point you towards something that is truly horrific, brutal and unforgiving. This “something” is nothing but Converge’s latest hardcore offering, the ruthless No Heroes. The longtime Boston outfit – vocalist/madman Jake Bannon, guitarist Kurt Ballou, bassist Nate Newton, and drummer Ben Koller – are back to old habits here, as fans who were disappointed by 2004’s You Fail Me will be happy to notice somewhat of a return back to the style of Petitioning The Empty Sky and When Forever Comes Crashing. Produced by Ballou and guided by Bannon’s artistic vision and meditative lyrics, No Heroes is here to take no prisoners.

    With the first 5 tracks (“Heartache,” “Hellbound,” “Sacrifice,” “Vengeance,” and “Weight Of The World”) all clocking in underneath two minutes, you get hit with more than a quarter of the tracks in less than 10 minutes, but you get hit hard. The pacing and dynamics of each track leave you breathless and lead you in perfectly to the title track, which piledrives you so much, you’ll be left with whiplash. “Plagues” is a dark, twisting display of viciousness, as it lingers and screeches for around two minutes until Bannon’s shredding vocals appear. Jane Doe fans will appreciate the 9 minute opus titled “Grim Heart/Black Rose,” which features guest vocals from Only Living Witness’ Jonah Jenkins and includes some actual singing from Bannon. This song goes to show that breakneck speed and crazy tempo changes do not define heaviness. Around the six minute mark, the song quiets down and builds back up with menacing guitars, exceptional drumming, and Bannon’s characteristic howl. The speed is back on the destructive “Orphaned,” while “Lonewolves” reminds me a bit of These Arms Are Snakes. “Versus” is a horrifying beatdown of a track, while “Bare My Teeth” is a display of Bannon seemingly wanting to annihilate his vocal chords. “Trophy Scars” is another song that features Bannon shouting his lyrics rather than abusing them. The track clocks in at nearly five minutes and is equally beautiful as it is destructive. The final track, “To The Wolves,” has no mercy on your soul, as Converge leaves it all out on the table. It thrashes and crushes throughout and leaves the lasting remembrance of how violent the music of Converge is.

    No Heroes is a message to the rest of the hardcore game to pick it up, the bar has been risen once again. Converge may never top the greatness of Jane Doe, but what other band out there can? No Heroes is no slouch and is the best heavy release of 2006. While to most it may just sound like noise, the band paid attention to every detail on this album, everything is vigilantly crafted and deliberate. In the end, Converge are still the rulers of the hardcore realm and No Heroes will leave you with much more of a shock and lasting power than any cheap thrill you may come across for the rest of the fall.

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