Convenient, Trash – “Lylas House” (Song Premiere)

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    Pooch, the sophomore LP by Convenient, Trash, has only been out a little over a year, but the Lansing, MI, indie rock troupe are already back with a new single, which we’re excited to premiere for you today. “Lylas House” is the lead single from the band’s upcoming N*VY BLUE, due out September 6th via We’re Trying Records. It’s a good taste of the album – catchy enough to sing along to, but unpolished enough to still feel raw.

    It’s the kind of song that would be all over those “best songs of the emo revival” lists half a decade ago. If that sounds appealing to you, be sure to preorder N*VY BLUE, and stream the song below.

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    go wings!
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    Did I click on this because of the Wings jersey? Yes.

    Did I enjoy the song? Also, yes.

    Will keep an eye out for this album when it drops in a few weeks.
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    They surprise released it early!

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