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Conor Oberst - Salutations (March 17, 2017) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by JohnR831, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. JohnR831


    Conor revealed on Sirius XM that he has indeed recorded full-band versions of all of the songs from Ruminations in addition to seven other songs. All or some combination of these will be released on a new album, called Salutations, on March 17!

    (Credit to this fine person on reddit who posted a link to the interview and song)
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  2. I loved Ruminations, so I'm excited for this even though I think the original arrangements were perfect for those songs.
  3. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    Oh helllll yes! Ruminations is cool, but it was way too minimal for me, can't wait full band versions / new songs
  4. Brother Beck

    Trusted Supporter

    I'm extremely excited that it seems like this rumor turned out to be true. Can't wait to hear these songs.
  5. Sean Murphy

    Prestigious Supporter

    could the same album end up on my end of the year list 2 years in a row??
  6. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    Hah, I had heard this news on that XM station over the weekend, but then when I went online to see the exact date (I had just remembered March) there was absolutely no mention of it anywhere. I thought I was insane. This should be great, liked Ruminations a lot and I'm down for a full band version.
  7. Jim

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  8. Daniel Brittain


    what a guy
  9. SteveLikesMusic

    approx. 3rd coolest Steve on here Supporter

    Whoa! It's crazy that this was announced today. Just yesterday morning, I revisited Ruminations at my friend's recommendation. I really love the lyrics, but find the musical arrangements it sounds like Salutations will be right up my alley.
  10. wearethedead Jan 18, 2017
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    missing out

  11. wearethedead

    missing out

    Tracklist (from his facebook post):

    1 Too Late to Fixate
    2 Gossamer Thin
    3 Overdue
    4 Afterthought
    5 Next Of Kin
    6 Napalm
    7 Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)
    8 Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out
    9 Barbary Coast (Later)
    10 Tachycardia
    11 Empty Hotel by the Sea
    12 Anytime Soon
    13 Counting Sheep
    14 Rain Follows the Plow
    15 You All Loved Him Once
    16 A Little Uncanny
    17 Salutation
  12. teebs41

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  13. wearethedead

    missing out

  14. wearethedead

    missing out

  15. Daniel Brittain


    the artwork is amazing. really surprised that the tracklisting isn't just ruminations in order and then the new tracks, but glad its different. so excited for this.
  16. Letterbomb31

    Trusted Prestigious

    Ruminations was one of my favourite albums of 2016, so I'm very excited for this.
  17. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    it's amazing that all 10 are on there PLUS 7 more, crazy stuff
  18. SteveLikesMusic

    approx. 3rd coolest Steve on here Supporter

    Good thing we have 3 threads on page 1 about this haha
  19. Ben Lee

    I drink coffee and dad my kids Supporter

    Napalm is a fucking jam!
  20. Aregala

    Blistering Guitar Lead

  21. zmtr


    What is the distinction between Bright Eyes and stuff just titled "Conor Oberst"? Curious

    Also Ruminations is my favorite thing he's ever done outside of MOF
  22. neo506

    2001-2022 Prestigious

    Bright Eyes also has Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott
  23. radiodead


    I like the new tachycardia but the original was perfect.
  24. Matthewconte

    Trusted Supporter

    I just opened up the LP presale at work and then got distracted for a few hours and now it says "out of stock." Did you guys buy all of them?
  25. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    So happy his tour is coming to my hometown! Been wanting to see him live forever.