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Concert Venue Discussion Thread Tour • Page 6

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ccsc918, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. redwing91007

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    Gonna PM you!
  2. amorningofsleep

    I came. I saw. I -kzzkt-.

    Currently my favorite ones in the Detroit area are El Club and the Sanctuary. Both have free parking and Sanctuary has been bringing in a lot of great hardcore/metal show.
  3. Blink182Bouncer


    Shit, apparently they're beginning construction of a 2000-cap LiveNation Fillmore in Minneapolis, within the same neighborhood as the historic 1500-cap First Avenue & 2000 cap Skyway.

    Idk how I feel, as my city has had very little influence from LiveNation outside of a 900-cap HOB-style theater. Last year they started supporting a 9000-person mega-nightclub called the Armory, this year they are building this, and are starting plans to build an Ampitheater in the next decade.

    It's really dumb a massive company is doing all of this in such a DYI/Indie music scene.
  4. Jon


    Im going to be moving to southern WA by the end of summer. Ill be less than an hour away from Portland. And was wondering about 2 types of venues 1) Venues with lots of extreme music (black, death, noise, etc) and 2) gay (friendly) bars/clubs(so I can make friends). Sorry if those are really weird questions but any reccomendations help.
  5. ItsAndrew


    The Empty Bottle in Chicago is a great venue but I always dread when I see bands I like playing there because they start all their shows after 9PM on weekdays and after 10PM on weekends). It’s quite annoying. If they had earlier shows I would probably go there more often.

    Props to other venues that list start time of the show and actually start on time.
  6. Blink182Bouncer


    I went to The Armory in Minneapolis to see The 1975 the other day, and it is such a bizarre venue. Maybe it's just cause I always go to small shows and end up under 5 rows from barricade, but I was like 8 rows from the front and I still felt ridiculously far. It's s 9,000 person GA venue, which is kinda wild. I could barely see, & and I'm 5'6. I can't imagine how awful it must be to be at the back unless you're on the side, bar-level, or in the upper-club levels, because wow, the floor is not pirched at all and the stage is significantly closer to the ground than your typical arena.
  7. HelloThisIsDog

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    The Framingham VFW
  8. swboyd

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    To be fair, at least they generally keep their shit on time. I miss the Empty Bottle so much. :(
  9. ItsAndrew


    I would agree but I don’t even know what “on time” is for them. The show I went to the other day there didn’t start until 9:30 and didn’t end until after midnight, however, the show before that one I went to there started at 9:15 and ended a little before midnight. Time is of course different for each performer/show (i.e. how many songs they perform, how long it takes them to set up/take down, etc.) but still. It would be nice if they started right at 9PM or right at 10PM, or started hosting earlier shows.
  10. Brent

    Destroy What You Create Prestigious

    Anyone ever gone to a City Winery show? Just found out about this venue chain last night when Tyrone Wells announced his Fall tour there and then checked out the upcoming shows at the Boston location which include Justin Pierre, The Spill Canvas, Aaron West & the Roaring 20's, Clare Bowen, Art Alexakis, and more in a unique sit down restaurant.
  11. a lack of color


    I went to the one in NYC to see country singer Brandy Clark with my mom. It was super fun and unique. We spent a decent amount of money on food/wine so it can end up being an expensive night out. But I would definitely go again, not many good people play at the NYC one unfortunately!
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  12. Jdaniels

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    I go to Nashville city winery probably twice a year. I'm not a big fan, expensive and seated shows usually, but its always a good sounding room.
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  13. ItsAndrew


    My favorite venue in Chicago used to be Beat Kitchen because I frequented it the most and always have a good time there, but now it’s changed to Lincoln Hall. The atmosphere at Lincoln Hall is great, the sound is the best, and sold out shows feel “special” and “fun” versus crowded and not fun. Even non sold out shows too!
  14. JaggySnake83


    I was there last year for a sold out Thursday show and after seeing them at a Riot Fest aftershow 2 years prior at the Double Door at a sold out show where everyone was stacked like sardines, i was ready for war. To my surprise, there was a lot of space and it didn't feel very cramped.

    I'm thinking about going to see Enter Shikari there in a few months... Hopefully it will be similar.
  15. Steve_JustAGuy


    Lincoln Hall is the best, some of my favorite shows (Fall Out Boy, 1975) have been there, used to have $5 boilermakers back when too.
  16. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    How is the Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Denver?

    The lawn looks huge. Is the view pretty bad from back there?
  17. ItsAndrew


  18. atlas


    Good riddance lol
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  19. BensonHedges

    woke up i'm in the in-between honey

    Has anyone been to the Paramount in Huntington, NY recently? We have seats in the mezz area for the show but I'm trying to remember if they enforce you stay in them or if you can go down to the floor if you feel like it.
  20. TJ Wells

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    Anyone in PDX ever seen a show at Polaris Hall?
  21. tyramail

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    I had never been heard of this until Beach Bunny announced their tour. I know nothing about it and neither does anyone else I know haha.
  22. cameoutswingin


    When I saw Good Charlotte there 2 years ago and the floor was sold out, yes they were enforcing it. Not sure how strict they are or if you'll be able to slip by but I do remember being given a wristband for the floor. Other shows I have been to more recently haven't been enforcing it, but weren't sold out.

    Also any one selling an extra GA ticket for that show there (NFG) tomorrow?
  23. TJ Wells

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    I’m seeing Kate Davis there in a couple weeks. Will report back! Seems pretty small and is also primarily used as a wedding venue?
  24. BensonHedges Nov 21, 2019
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    woke up i'm in the in-between honey

    Thanks! I don't think it will be sold out so I guess we'll see. I've only been there a handful of times and don't remember the floor being very big, but every pic I see uses a lens that makes the place look bigger than I remember. Hoping the seats don't feel too far away from the stage.
  25. Phil507

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    I don't think they mark your ticket so if you can have someone who got a wrist band lend you their GA Floor ticket stub, that might work.