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    Concert Archives says I've been to 103 venues. It would take a lot of time to really dive deep.

    I've seen the most shows at the Ogden Theatre in Denver (25 shows), 2nd is the Fillmore Denver (20 shows), followed by Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre (18 shows), Pepsi Center (17), and Red Rocks (16).

    The Ogden is great. Not too big, not too small, multi-tiered so lots of great viewing. The front pit is real small, which is challenging during busier shows because it gets just too packed. But most of the time, plenty of room to move around. The Fillmore, alternatively, is one giant GA floor, gets pretty crowded and very hot. Will always prefer the Ogden over the Fillmore.Pepsi Center is what it arena. I've seen some great shows here. In terms of an arena experience, pretty standard.

    The two amphitheatres really steal my heart though... Red Rocks is obviously fantastic - great sights no matter where you're sitting (although I've always been in the front half of the rows). I've never seen a show here in inclement weather, so I've always gotten lucky. However, it is a little bit of a drive, and once you're there, it's a hike. When I used to be really overweight, I really struggled getting up to the venue. Now that I've gotten in shape (in part due to morning exercises AT Red Rocks), it's kinda fun to scurry past others who are struggling to get up the ramps/stairs. Also, the ticketing at Red Rocks can get a little crazy - some shows are all GA, some are all reserved, but a lot of shows are a mix. They do this thing often where the first 20 rows are GA, as well as the last 10. So if you don't get into the front 20, you get screwed and have to go all the way to the top. Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre is a venue I really enjoy. People usually complain about the sound, which has never been a problem for me. This venue is a 10 minute walk from my mom's house so the location is great (it's smack dab in the middle of a business/residential district). It's much larger than Red Rocks (almost 18k vs. 9.5k) and has a great GA lawn, as well as an awesome front pit. They have an earlier curfew due its location, which has caused some headlining sets to get cut short over the years. But shows also usually start earlier.

    Honestly, if I were able to choose, I would probably always pick the Ogden for smaller shows and Fiddler's for the big ones, just out of preference.
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    RIP Silent Barn in Brooklyn
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    @jjnunn118 Any news on those Eugene/Salem venues?
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    I will get to it eventually, but any specific questions you have?
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    No, I’m just a greedy boy who likes reading about other people’s concert experiences! :teethsmile:

    Plus, y’know, keeping the thread alive and everything.
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    Just saw Movements at The Garage in Burnsville, MN (Suburb of Minneapolis) a week ago, and it's safe to say it's my new favorite venue.

    The venue itself is in a city-owned park building, that appears to be an old industrial garage of sorts. It's in the shape of a roundhouse, and has windows all over the left side of the wall of the main room so you can see the garages (and band members chilling in the center) on the other side of the building.

    The sound is really good and the ambience is wonderful. Since it's all-ages non-profit it has a coffee shop instead of a bar, which is super cool.

    Here's a pic
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    House of Blues - 2,200 capacity. Free parking, decent sized floor and the sound is usually always great here. I'd say it's my preferred mid-sized venue due to its location. Since it's on Disney property there's an issue with bands getting banned from playing or not being able to sell some of their merch based on the designs.
    Best Show I've Seen Here: twenty one pilots, Echosmith, Finish Ticket

    Hard Rock - 3,000 capacity. This venue is as big as it gets for a club here before you move into arenas. The floor is much wider than the HOB and the sound is probably the best around Orlando. They used to be super strict about moshing and crowd surfing, but they eased up considerably in recent years. The big downside is that it's on Universal Studios property so you have to pay $20 to park if you get there before 8 PM.
    Best Show I've Seen Here: A Day To Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, Chiodos, and Motionless In White

    Soundbar - ~350 capacity. Fun little venue in the middle of downtown Orlando. Parking is $10 or $15 depending on where you look. No barricade and all GA with one tiny balcony in the corner. My favorite venue in Orlando because they let people get as rowdy as they want for shows. Sound is kinda hit or miss sometimes. Used to be called Backbooth until the beginning of this year when they changed owners.
    Best Show I've Seen Here: Beartooth, Silverstein, and Hands Like Houses

    The Social - 450 capacity. Another smaller venue in downtown Orlando, this one is a little stricter than Soundbar. They don't like stage diving. The floor is a little weird with a tiny pit then a raised railed section around it which makes moshing somewhat difficult if you're into that. Connected to The Beacham. Parking is the same as Soundbar.
    Best Show I've Seen Here: Chiodos, Our Last Night, and Set It Off

    The Beacham - 1,250 capacity. Located next to the Social. If an artist sells out The Social they usually get upgraded to this venue. It has a large floor open floor and the sound is just ok. Security here is mediocre to terrible. On more than one occasion I have seen bands get into it with security because they don't try to catch crowdsurfers or they don't put enough people up front to deal with it. I try to avoid going here for the most part, but I won't miss a band I really want to see just because they're playing here.
    Best Show I've Seen Here: Motionless In White, The Devil Wears Prada, Upon A Burning Body, The Word Alive, and The Color Morale

    Amway Center - 17,000 capacity. It's an arena, you've been to one you've been to them all is my experience. I've only been here a few times and the lines are always ridiculous. Parking is $20 at their onsite garage or you can save about $5 and walk a couple blocks the arena.
    Best Show I've Seen Here: Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones, and Ghost

    CFE Arena - 10,000 capacity. A smaller arena that doesn't get a ton of shows. Parking is supposed to cost something but the 3 times I've been there there was no one collecting money on the way out. Looking out at the seats from the floor it looks like you'd have a decent view from anywhere.
    Best Show I've Seen Here: All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, Neck Deep, and One OK Rock

    Orlando Amphitheater - 10,000 capacity. Not really an "amphitheater" like you'd expect, it's a stage they built on the Central Florida Fairgrounds. It's basically all open with a small grass incline in the back. Some shows they try to sell a "pit" option where they block off the front of the stage for about a third of the stage. Parking varies from free to $10 depending on the show.
    Best Show I've Seen Here: Self Help Orlando

    I feel lucky to live so close to so many venues and there's still 2 or 3 places here that I haven't been to yet.
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    Shoot, why are you paying for parking at Backbooth or The Social? Just park on Orange Ave. near the courthouse for free and walk a few blocks!
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    I work nights so I usually have to rush out and get straight to work, so the closer the better. I did find that you can park for free 9/10 in that street lot next to the Morgan & Morgan building.
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    Die rad.

    This guy for the win for showing his age with The Birch Hill and Club Krome! I miss these two so badly, especially Birth Hill. I saw Fenix TX headline there with Lefty, and Good Charlotte (before they had any hits) in 2000. Also saw a few other shows there. such a fun place.

    And all you NJ people are forgetting about Asbury Park Convention Hall. That place is great set up wise. They barely have shows there anymore though. I saw one of my first concerts there in 1999. Blink 182, Fenix TX, Silverchair. In the early to mid 2000s they used to have Bamboozle and Taste of Chaos there too.
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    I actually would have included Convention Hall, as I've seen some great shows there (Jimmy Eat World/The Promise Ring & Skate and Surf were probably the highlights). But Bamboozle 2005 was so awful (shut down by the fire marshal for like four hours one day) that I couldn't put it on my list.

    The set-up, though, was great. And the Thursday set there during Skate and Surf 2003 was one of my favorite shows I've seen.
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    I'm glad you like it. It's kinda meh for me. Staff is nice but sound has been hit or miss for the shows i've been to there. Also, it's a pain to get a ride after a weekend show there for me.
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    I’m seeing Knocked Loose today at the Palladium in Worcester, MA, and if anyone has been to the downstairs room, this show is no barriers. Going to be absolutely nuts
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    I guess I'll post up some venue for Salt Lake (SLC).

    THE COMPLEX -- Okay this is like where all non arena bands come. I've seen state champs(spring), yellowcard (fall), All time low (in the middle of summer) all headline this venue so that tells you what caps it is. I can't say caps because they love to oversell the venues. You better love it, if you want to go to a concert. They have 3 rooms, one of which if I remember correctly is 21+ (haven't been so couldn't say). The other ones are in the same building right across the hall from each other. I've been multiple times where concerts go off back to back (most recent new found glory was going on in the bigger room and waterparks in the smaller one). Both rooms are very generic warehouse type settings. The sound can be really horrible at times if you get 2 bands like I mentioned before or you get the echo of the warehouse. Prepare for your feet to hurt. But other than that your going to have to get use to this venue probably my favorite in SLC. Tibit go early, have a complex pass you get in early (before the regular line and get perks for coming back) and homeless people like to walk the line. They love to oversell the bigger venue so except people wall to wall.

    In the venue - this venue I've only been to once I saw the Maine here last year. No pats downs, really limited security. But this also has 2 rooms only been in the bigger one and it has 2 poles right in the middle of the floor, no barricade so your right up against the stage. But other than that the sounds great and everything else is kind of normal. This venue seems to get flood a lot so if it rains or snows before your concert you might end up at the complex.Also this is a very heavily populated homeless area so just excpectationa them to walk up and ask you for something or see them walking the line.

    USANA Ampitheatre - I've only done this once, I'll be back for warped tour this year. But I saw blink here. It's set up so your lawns in the back (basically claim your spot early and don't move), seats, and a small ga pit up front. Security can be really picky with what you bring in. But other than the traffic getting in and out there's nothing wrong it's just an Ampitheatre. If if anyone's going to SLC for wapred explain how there going to do it at usana feel free to hit me up because I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

    Utah Valley University their gym arena thing - I saw panic! here for my birthday. Got VIP. The sound sucks, I walked out for the two opening bands the sound was just that bad (echoing and you couldn't here anything) everything is set up in one spot (in the hallway food and merch) hard to get around. I assume they could do GA for floors but the one I went to was seated and only the first row could go to the barricade. Probably wouldn't go back. Definitely one of my least favorite venues.

    I did the state fair grounds for warped for two years so I've always loved warp here there is space and they open up the food vendors to sell. The tents are slightly spaced out. The stages change year to year (my first year they were opposite sides, last side by side). But very spacious, lots of shade, and most improtantly great sound because it's a bit spaced.

    I can't personally review this place but have heard enough about them KILBY COURT this is the venue you get for any small band (moose blood played their first us tour here, the one with Boston Manor) I would say probably 250 caps on this. It's down a really sketchy neighborhood. But the venue it's self from what I heard is no barricade, the stage is basically maybe a foot off the ground. My friends all say good things about the sound.

    The Maverick Center, Vivint Smart Home arena, the loading docks, and the depot are all on my list of venues to get to. I've heard mix reviews from friends about all of these so can't judge until you go.
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    On top of that, I know they didn't allow re-entry the last time I was there. Just one of those little things that's a bit of a nuisance, but I kinda get it.
  16. chris_williams67


    Not a venue description, But I need small venues near Hopkinton MA for a party I’m throwing, I’m thinking around 150 cap and enough room for a pit.
  17. ItsAndrew


    This is basically my thoughts on each venue too haha. My favorites are probably Beat Kitchen (except can they do something about the temperature in the summer there, jeez), Empty Bottle (but starting all their shows around 9PM or later majorly sucks, especially on weekdays), Schubas/Lincoln Hall, Subterranean (sometimes it can get really crowded there but I still have a good time there), and the Riviera (love that seating there is GA so I can move from standing to the seats between bands if my legs get tired). Thalia Hall is nice too, wish it was easier to access via public transportation though.

    House of Blues is walking distance from where I currently live but aside from that it sucks.
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    Late but I saw that same Blink/Silverchair/Fenix TX tour at the now closed Roseland. Silverchair was odd on that lineup though I imagine it was through label/management that they got on.
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    Way late bump but I know there a lot of Portland people following this thread. Keep an eye on Post 134, it's a new venue popping up in the wake of Analog crashing out.

    Just played here tonight and it's got a super cool DIY feel, real cozy!
  22. ItsAndrew


    Question for Chicago folks: Why do bands/musicians play at the amphitheater in Tinley Park when it is easily the worst venue in the area and a pain in the ass to get to from the city. Why don’t more big name bands/musicians play the United Center, Northerly Island, or even Wrigley Field?

    Are some bands/musicians not “the right fit” for those venues/not popular enough to play in the city? That’s how I am seeing it.
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    I'm not from Chicago but your question is actually relevant for most cities. I think amphitheaters are of a certain choice for a lot of tours in the summer because you don't necessarily have to fill them up to do well. Amphitheaters can give people upgrades from the lawn fairly easily if the pavilion isn't selling well to make it look more full. If your ticket sales shit the bed in an arena, it's a lot more obvious. Additionally, I have to imagine, baseball fields don't have as many open dates in the summer time and can really only be filled by like 1-2% of tours out there. Arenas also have many other events outside of concerts, particularly sporting events. Finally, I believe Live Nation owns all the amphitheaters so I think a booking manager can come up with a contract with LN and book an entire tour rather than having to use a local promoter in each city.
  24. I could name a ton, but these are a few I love/hate

    Favorite venues:
    Brooklyn Steel (NYC)
    Emo's (Austin, TX)
    Asbury Lanes (NJ)
    Union Transfer (Philly)
    King's Theater (NYC)
    The Queen (Delaware)

    Least Favorite venues:
    The Stone Pony (NJ)
    Terminal 5 (NYC)
    Festival Pier at Penn's Landing (Philly)
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    Have you been to Elsewhere in NYC yet? It's at least equal to Brooklyn Steel in my rankings