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  1. xapplexpiex

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    It’s the one with a heart in it, btw
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  2. GBlades


    I've been a part of that group for so long I forget you run it!
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  3. SteveLikesMusic

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    Update: finished Paper Girls 4, it’s so damn good. Glad I stuck with it.
  4. Kingjohn_654

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    I was having fun with the questionnaire to get into the group, but then I had to step away to help my kids get ready for bed. I came back and I was accepted. Thanks for the add!

    It's great to see all the Archie love in there too!
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  5. xapplexpiex

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    We use that to screen for bots and people who just want to talk about the movies. I assumed it was you.
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  6. I'm not super active on facebook but i'd like to lurk that group. I saw that one of the rules is you have to be active though haha. Would I get kicked out right away if I joined? I'll definitely comment, just not sure how often.
  7. xapplexpiex

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    No. We just encourage discussion and activity.
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  8. I'll definitely be more active if I feel comfortable enough
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  9. @xapplexpiex Thanks for the approval! I didn't mean to leave the questionnaire incomplete btw lol
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  10. Allpwrtoslaves


    Damn Hickman’s X-men reboot has been awesome. I can’t wait to see where it’s all going.
  11. fluxyjoe

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    Never really considered myself a Marvel person, but Venom, ASM, Daredevil, and Hickman’s X-books are making me eat my words. And I haven’t even gotten to Rosenberg’s Punisher, Coates’s Cap, or Aaron’s Conan yet.

    On that note, HoX #2 and Absolute Carnage #1 melted my mind.
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  12. Allpwrtoslaves


    Everything Hickman does at Marvel is mind melting. FF-> Avengers/New Avengers -> Secret Wars is literally my favorite comic book run.
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  13. So excited to read Absolute Carnage and HoX #2 tonight
  14. TEGCRocco


    I wasn't huge on PoX #1, but I almost never like X-Men stuff that goes super far into the future (even the last arc of Morrison's run didn't do much for me, and New X-Men might just be my favorite X-Men run ever). HoX continues to excel, though.
  15. Tim

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    Read up on what happens in House of X #2, & the whole Moira development sounds so cool & so Hickman-y. Waiting for the hardcover collecting both House & Powers (no way I'm spending $5 a week for 10 weeks when I can wait & spend less on a hardcover volume for my shelf, lol), but still super excited for what's to come.
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  16. TEGCRocco


    Only thing I've bought/am buying until it's collected is this variant of House of X #1 just because of how much I love Cyclops lol
  17. Tim

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    Those of you who like Batman more than I do should dig this.

    Glad to see some Darwyn Cooke, Frank Quitely, David Mazzucchelli, Mike Mignola, & Paul Pope in here. Neat seeing the shift from the Dick Sprang era to the Neal Adams era, & also neat seeing how Frank Miller blew things wide open stylistically.
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  18. RyanPm40

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    Loved the first issue of Absolute Carnage, definitely can't wait for the next one
  19. failinginplace


    holy shit House of X. that blows my mind. the timeline implications of what Moira X has done are insane for the MU. presumably Moira X-10 is the current 616 Universe. i'm super curious to see what her 6th life is when revealed by hickman.
    Imgur Image
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  20. Absolute Carnage #1 was wild and it's only going to get more bonkers as it goes. House of X #2 ruled.
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  21. such a damn mistake not listing the artists. As a reader, you can pick out most of the modern illustrators, but come on. Also easy to see a big lack of women in there. Were there any? They didn't even have a Joelle Jones image.
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  22. tucah

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    I've liked each Hickman X-book more than the last and I loved HoX #1. HoX #2 blew my mind, what a cool twist for Moira.
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  23. Tim

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    The first woman to draw the main Batman book ever was Becky Cloonan during the Snyder run, & Joelle Jones was the first woman to have a run of Batman issues, so... yeah. Not the strongest track record to pull from. I would've thought at least a Joelle Jones desert Batman would've made the cut.

    As for crediting artists, you're right, but Batman was built on the back of Bob Kane refusing to credit Bill Finger, so that's about right, lol. All they had to do was replace "Artwork from" w/ the artist(s) (y'know, maybe even the colorists?), though at least they listed the issues so people could go look up the comics that stuck out the most.
  24. Vivatoto

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    I have legit no idea what's going on but I've been digging Hickmans X-men
  25. Tim

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    Walt & Weezy are just the best. I really need to get back to classic New Mutants, & also get to some of that 80s X-Factor stuff.