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  1. SteveLikesMusic Jul 7, 2019
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    It’s finally summer in Buffalo, which means i want to read comics on my porch.

    Just did vol 1 of Paper Girls, wasn’t blown away or anything but enjoyed it enough to get the rest soon.

    Next up: ultimate spidey ultimate collection #1 ! (Peter)
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  2. The more I sit on The Walking Dead ending, the more I respect it. It is such a fitting ending for a book that felt like it was just going in circles. I think Kirkman ended it the right way.

    That being said, I haven't read an issue in about ten years, other than this one.
  3. I don't think I was blown away by the first trade of Paper Girls, but I'm always going to read every BKV story all the way through. I think once you start to get a feel for what is going on, Paper Girls really thrives. Second and third books rule.

    I want to go back and pick up Ex Machina. I love that book so much, but it doesn't look like there is a way to read it that I'd actually like. Deluxe and trades are out of print. Omnibus is $95 and 1440 pages. Gross.
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  4. Kingjohn_654

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  5. zigbigwig

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    accidentally stumbled into Brave New Comics store while on our long drive today and man the store owner is so nice and cool. i ended up buying a lot of comic books. super stoked to go back there even if it’s like a 5 hour drive

    also it looks like im back in this hobby again.
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  6. Tim

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    Kinda had a feeling Bendis' controversial aging of Jon was tied to Legion after his Legion relaunch was announced. This feels like a confirmation. And if so, I'm not too mad at him being the Legion's new Superboy.
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  8. BackyardHero11


    I absolutely love Sandman so I'm happy to see it's doing a series instead of a movie, even though I love films. i just hope it's good. I've definitely wanted to see a live action adaptation, but i'll see be nervous till i see how it looks. definitely hope for some Death centric episodes.
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  10. Kingjohn_654

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    I just ordered Kaare Andrews' Iron Fist: the Living Weapon. Has anyone here read it?
  11. I fucking loved the art in that book. Not sure I remember the story at all though.
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  12. Kingjohn_654

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    Half price books has a sale going so I snagged it. I know it probably won't touch the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja run, but I'm still pretty excited.
  13. Tim

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  14. scottlechowicz

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    Jeff Lemire and Denys Cowan on a mini series for The Question?

    Sign me the fuck up.
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  15. Deanna

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    Way more excited about that one than the Joker one they also announced.
  16. fluxyjoe

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    I've been feeling pretty meh about Batman lately. The Knightmares arc (and the tie-in issues by Williamson) have taken the steam out of King's overall story for me. This arc was just boring. It felt like King was making the same point over for two issues. I loved everything about his run through Cold Days, but something's been off lately. Kinda glad that it's ending after City of Bane, and I'm on the fence about pulling Batman/Catwoman when that comes out next year. A buddy of mine has been reading King's run in the deluxe volumes, and I'm curious if the story works better as a binge than in single issues.

    I feel the opposite with ASM, which I found to be lackluster at first. I didn't follow Slott's run too much (mostly just read SSM), so I was going into this with no expectations at all, but I'm loving how low-key Spencer's story is (which others *cough* Reddit *cough* complain about). It doesn't seem to be all that impactful and just delivers solid laughs and good twists, which feels like "classic" Spidey to me. Hunted was cool and the perfect kind of things-happen-but-it's-not-all-that-different-than-before comics storytelling that I enjoy. I'm also really into the mysterious Kindred and what he's planning for Peter and MJ. Hopefully Spencer's run goes on for a while!
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  17. zigbigwig

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    Severed was really good. super creepy.

    going to look into some more horror comics but if anyone has any recs just let me know (and thank you). so far I’m leaning into grabbing Harrow County but I kinda want some short series that are already finished too
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  18. Vivatoto

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    Have you read Infidel? It comes up a lot in here so sorry if that's old news but it's definitely a must read.

    Cullen Bunn has been like a machine with horror comics recently. He had a 6 issue series called Cold Spots that was great, don't know if it's out on trade yet, it seems like it's been long enough. He also has one a big longer called Regression that built to a fantastic ending.

    Garth Ennis' Walk Through Hell is a bit more philosophical but still really terrifying. Maybe wait until it's done though because you'll have an insane amount of questions after the first arc.
  19. Deanna

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    Amazon had a lightning deal on Mister Miracle and a code for an extra $5 off so I had to pick that up even though I had told myself to stop spending money because Prime day is ruining me.
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  20. xapplexpiex

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    Ahhhhhh, I didn’t know about that! I read MM from the library and LOVED it.

    I got the lightning deals for Saga vols 8 and 9 though.
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  21. Deanna

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    I managed not to buy anything on day 2 despite them having some good movie deals. I need to catch up on Saga. I only have through vol 6 right now. MM should arrive today or tomorrow and it’ll be like 1 of 5 comics that I haven’t packed up so I should get to it soon.
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  22. Vivatoto

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    City of Bane rules.
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  23. Tim

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    Both super well deserved. Jen Bartel rules, & that Spider-Man issue Chip drew was great.
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  24. CobraKidJon

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  25. Tim Jul 20, 2019
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    New X-Men, Excalibur Series Lead Marvel's Dawn of X

    Hickman's ongoing X-Men title will simply be called X-Men, will be illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu, & will seemingly focus on just characters w/ the last name Summers or Grey, plus Wolverine, lol. Hate the decision to go from Jean's X-Men: Red design, which ruled, to a throwback to her early Marvel Girl days, but otherwise, looks potentially cool.

    Lots of other cool stuff, too. New Mutants, X-Force, Excalibur, Marauders, & Fallen Angels. Happy that New Mutants didn't overlook Karma, & threw in Chamber. Happy to see a team w/ Storm, Emma Frost, & Kitty Pryde together, plus Iceman & Bishop; probably the strongest new roster. Making Betsy Braddock into Captain Britain & giving the Psylocke name to Kwannon seems like a fine compromise. Betsy, Rogue, Gambit, & Jubilee on the same team is cool, though including Apocalypse is weird. Curious what Cable, X-23, & new Psylocke are like together. X-Force being basically just another X-Men team, w/ little resemblance to any past X-Force, is intriguing.

    Insane that this is the FOURTH X-Men relaunch since Secret Wars ended, but it's definitely the strongest looking. Way cooler than the Extraordinary X-Men era & the X-Men: Gold era, & that weekly Uncanny X-Men into Rosenberg's placeholder run never had a chance.

    EDIT: Oh, apparently Hickman's X-Men actually features everyone.


    But, still, that cover to #1 is the whole Summers family plus a couple Greys (& Wolverine, just 'cause), which is surely significant. Centering on that central X-family's drama could be a great choice.
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