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  1. I just recently bought New Frontier and holy shit is it intimidating. Didn't realize how much there was to it.
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  2. Tim

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    Oh man, it's so good. It covers a lot of territory in the world of DC, but it does so in a really organic, effective manner. Reads so smoothly, w/ such stunning art.
  3. Letterbomb31

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    Becky Cloonan's run was very run-of-the-mill imo. I still enjoyed it though!
  4. Vivatoto

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    Batman is perfect this week.
  5. AP_Punk

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    Eve L. Ewing's Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel team-up is so much fun so far.
  6. Vivatoto

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    I just finished reading all of Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan and it was spectacular. I feel like it would fit right along side other masterpieces like Watchmen or Miracleman or recent additions like Vision. I know it's a cliche to be shocked when something written a bit ago can predict so perfectly (/horribly) the present but it's so damn obvious I'd be remiss not to mention it.
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  7. CobraKidJon

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  8. Tim

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    Good comic artist mail day. Got Jen Bartel's Blackbird vol 1, which I'm looking forward to finally reading.

    And, got an Irene Koh art zine. It's a funny thing for me to have brought 'cause it's a "weed & women" themed zine & I've literally never been a smoker, but I've really grown to love her illustration work. Been considering getting her Legend of Korra comics, even though I never got into the series.
  9. RyanPm40

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    Can anyone who has read Ultimate End explain what the heck happened at the end there?

    They're all teleporting to fight Doom one last time, the page goes white, and then all of a sudden it's happily ever after and Miles has his mom back. They don't show what happened there to restore the universe?

    It's just odd that Ultimate End didn't end as a cliffhanger when they teleport to Doom, and then show his demise in Secret Wars *BEFORE* they show the happy ending for Miles. If you read Ultimate End with ignorance of the other comics, you have no idea about Secret Wars and things just magically fix themselves. Just found that really confusing and not sure I understood its tie-in to Secret Wars correctly
  10. RyanPm40 May 19, 2019
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    Also, man, all reviews were right- Ultimatum was a pointless, gory piece of garbage that killed off characters for the sake of killing off characters. Really hate what they did with that, I was getting really tired of all of the mutant hatred and Ultimatum made it infinitely worse. Jeph Loeb completely ruined an already declining universe
  11. Hope you like Blackbird. I’m impatiently waiting for it come back lol
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  12. Tim

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    Modern Capullo art in a Spawn comic is gonna rule, as is finally getting some new McFarlane interiors (however few he actually does). Plus, some Opeña, who's great. I hate Campbell, but everything else about this is dope.

    I don't care about any Spawn outside of the original McFarlane run or that short Larsen run a few years ago, but I'll probably pick this up.
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  13. Tim

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    Shit. One of my top 5 favorite colorists in the industry. His collaborations w/ David Marquez & Sara Pichelli were so good. I legitimately think his coloring was the first thing that made me fall in love w/ Miles Morales comics.

    Here he is, on the far left, w/ Bendis & Marquez in an issue of Defenders they did together at the end of Bendis' time at Marvel:


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  14. Kingjohn_654

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    That cover looks familiar
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  15. Tim

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    Read Blackbird.

    Forgot that it's written by Green Lanterns writer Sam Humphries, but could kinda tell. Also remember enjoying his take on Uncanny X-Force. Not my favorite writing style, but leads to some pretty likable characters; definitely see some Jessica Cruz in Nina in a good way.

    Something about the comic kinda reminded me of The Wicked + The Divine, but not quite as fully realized? Still good, though. The issue w/ the mom reveal was great.

    Really, though, I just bought it for them Jen Bartel interiors. Glad that, between this & some Marvel issues here & there, she's getting a chance to shine as an interior artist. Surprised how much she reminds me of Kris Anka, which isn't something I think of when I see her covers.

    I did see that here she's working w/ a layout artist, but "layouts" & "finishes" were common back in the day (when separate pencilers & inkers were common), & fellow graphic artist turned comic artist Babs Tarr works the same way. I love a good creative collaboration. Actually makes me wonder how her art would look w/ someone more old school, like Ron Frenz, providing layouts for her.
  16. SEANoftheDEAD


    Just finished book 1 (Ultimate Collection) of the Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Series. It was fantastic. Have books 2 and 3 reserved at the library. Can't wait to dive in.
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  17. Vivatoto

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    These Event Leviathan ads are dope. Looking forward to that.
  19. Tim

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    I wouldn't be surprised if his final storyline got reimagined as a standalone 12-issue series. That way DC can allow Tom King to tell his story while remaining protective of their Batman IP.
  20. Kinda bummed. Just let me do whatever and then do what always happens ... have the next writer do new shit, I dunno, I don't get it.
  21. Kingjohn_654

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    Just ordered the third TPB of Kot's Secret Avengers. I'm really excited to see how it ends!
  22. Tim

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    It's certainly a weird unforced error for a company on the top of their game. Tom King Batman, Bendis Superman & Action, G Willow Wilson Wonder Woman, Morrison Flash, DeConnick Aquaman, King & Andy Kubert Walmart Superman, Bendis & Nick Derrington Walmart Batman, Gail Simone Walmart Flash, upcoming Batman/Superman series drawn by David Marquez, upcoming Matt Fraction & Steve Lieber 12-issue Jimmy Olsen series... Dang.

    All they have to do is not get in the way, lol.
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  23. Tim

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    Bachalo is such a great X-artist. So many different runs, from Generation X in the 90s to Bendis' Uncanny X-Men, all of it great-looking. Loved his Emma Frost one-shot last year.
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  24. SpyKi

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    Bachalo is great at everything, lol. I do really like his X-Men stuff though. His work on Wolverine and the X-Men was incredible.
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  25. Tim

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    I freaking love comics, always have, always will... But, Chelsea isn't wrong. Really appreciate having someone like her, who had/has a successful career outside of comics & isn't too precious about her chance to play around in the medium to call out the industry.