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  1. riotspray

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    don't you listen to Doughboys?
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  2. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  3. riotspray

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    oh, okay.

    Just that 90% of the show is the two hosts insulting each other.
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  4. OhTheWater

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    Jack is miserable, but Jonah is being a dork here
  5. imthesheriff

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  6. I Am Mick

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    Sure, but what's worse...being a dork or being a guy who thinks he needs to make multiple twitter posts whining about somebody being a dork.

    Also Jonah pointed out that he didn't discover that tweet himself, it showed up when a friend in his timeline also responded to the same tweet.

    Jack just needs to be talking shit all the time, and while he's often right, it's a pretty shitty quality
  7. Wharf Rat

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    it's a shitty quality in a person you have to be around and talk to personally, but in a person to follow on twitter its one of the best qualities
  8. OhTheWater

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    Jonah’s is worse
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  9. chris

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    Paul Scheer on Flagrant Ones tomorrow
  10. yeahrightdude

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    Unrelated but what was Jonah’s take on the whole hardwick situation? I kinda put him on the ignore list after that but I never really followed up to see if he said anything or just ignored it like all those comedians did about TJ Miller
  11. simonthebutler


    Pft is a treasure, check out all of Threedom, any of his doug loves movies episodes (the episode where he is the only guest but plays all three guests and ties himself in knots is amazing) his episode of go bayside is a hidden gem ( 2 1/2 hours of him trying to understand saved by the bell) there are too many great podcast episodes to list all the good ones.
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  12. Aaron Mook

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    I don't think he ever responded directly to the situation, just liked a few tweets made by others close to the situation in support of Chloe.
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  13. simonthebutler


    Apologies for stitched premium links but it seems easiest
  14. AWasteOfATime


    clemdawg on punch up!! triple punch ups for Shallow!
  15. Grapevine_Twine

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    Jack has gone too far
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  16. boy was all of the Ron Burgandy stuff underwhelming.
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  17. Jake Gyllenhaal

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  18. aoftbsten

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    I've only seen the CoCo stuff, but I thought his interview there was great at least.
  19. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    What's the meme that Lauren shows Scott and PFT on this week's Threedom?
  20. Vase Full Of Rocks


    If any of you liked Whitest Kids U Know, both Trevor Moore (obviously) and Sam Brown are a part of this.

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  21. Vase Full Of Rocks


    This is so much better than I thought it would be.

    Oh my God. Pete Holmes is going to be on the next episode.
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  22. riotspray

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    I miss WKUK
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  23. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  24. TJ Wells

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    Has anyone ever noticed:

    Patton Oswalt has a whole bit about Michael Damian’s “Rock On.” Patton Oswalt is married to Meredith Salenger. Meredith Salenger is in the music video for “Rock On.”
  25. jkauf

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    Oh man, why’d it take me this long to get into Tom Segura? Definitely catching him next time he’s in town.
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