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  1. chewbacca110

    Beer/horror podcast - listen everywhere

    I hated Aukerman on CBB for nearly a year until one day his sense of humor just clicked for me and now I often think he’s the funniest part of the episodes.
  2. incognitojones Supporter

    There's a Doug Loves Movies with Pete Holmes and PFT as Werner Herzog and I think I've absolutely adored him since. Such a naturally funny guy.
  3. imthesheriff

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    Love em both. Also how can you say they’re not funny if you seemingly haven’t listened to/watched anything they’re in?
  4. Aaron Mook

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    Not to mention (and I know he's not the focal point), the entirety of Mr. Show/With Bob and David
  5. incognitojones Supporter

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  6. yung_ting


    PFT is perfect

    I get not liking Scott (I didn’t much at first, have grown to appreciate/like him a lot as I’ve grown more acquainted with podcasts) but Paul’s joy is just so infectious that it’s hard for me to understand people can listen to him talk/improvise without smiling
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  7. OhTheWater

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    Scott’s great but I feel like he could be a dick
  8. yung_ting


    having listened to all of HH and almost none of CBB almost feels like an act of solidarity at this point
  9. imthesheriff

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    Scott is definitely a dick sometimes but he always cracks me up. I love his and Adam Scott’s chemistry. Been enjoying going through R U Talking REM Re Me?
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  10. Zilla


    My biggest problem with Scott is when he tries to navigate other peoples’ characters on CBB and make up their background for the guest. If they’re not used to that, they usually don’t push back and it becomes a Scott Aukerman character. That could just be an improv complaint though.
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  11. Philll


    Yeah I get annoyed when Scott gets up his own ass sometimes on R U Talking (just let Adam be a fanboy!), but I also would have no interest in that podcast if it wasn't for the chemistry of the two hosts.

    PFT is not only hilarious, but is also clearly a thoughtful and caring guy. Plus he's Mr Peanutbutter.
  12. imthesheriff

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    Yeah he can be a too much of a dick to Adam but it can also be funny because Adam legit thinks every REM song is one of the greatest songs ever written.
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  13. imthesheriff

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    Jack Allison just hates every single thing huh?
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  14. what is it this time lol
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  15. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I can never tell if Scott is just doing an ironic bit when he's being mean to Adam
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  16. Matt

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    They are like best friends so I always assumed it's just a joke?
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  17. SlappinCups

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    there is an episode or two of UTU2TM (Pardo or PFT ones maybe?) where there is quite a bit of tension that the guest comments on lol
  18. Wharf Rat

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    Jack's posting about the WGA stuff has been great
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  19. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    If they were truly best friends Scott wouldn't constantly say hey I went to this concert and Adam is like " oh they were in town"

    I'm kidding
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  20. dadbolt

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    Jonah Ray’s Weird Al punk covers
  21. Matt

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    Adam deserves a nicer best friend

    I volunteer
  22. Aaron Mook

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    Yeah, I'm usually pro-Jack but I don't really understand getting worked up over some truly innocuous covers
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  23. imthesheriff

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    Jack is right most of the time but he’s also so fucking miserable.
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  24. I Am Mick

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    Jonah shouldn't have bothered defending himself to a random nobody but holy shit the vitriol he received to that tweet is absurd. Delete that fucking awful website
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  25. Nathan

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    Yeah weak of Jonah to search his name and blast some dude with 160 followers. Then again I too listened to one of the covers and thought it was a weird project, but not particularly interesting take on the songs, so maybe I’m already biased.
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