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  1. TJ Wells

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    Yeah I think it was more the not touching thing. I don’t think kumail is a vegan. Those looked like real chicken.
  2. PepsiOne

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    I was worried about the ep being without the boys but yes it was very enjoyable and she was great

    Also very funny that the official NBA team of the flagrant ones become immediate title favorites and the boys can’t make the first record after to give their reactions lol
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  3. Yeah a little job called fatherhood
  4. ChaseTx

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  5. jciswhatis


    This was enjoyable but it autoplayed the Gordon Ramsay episode after it and holy shit that's the most i've laughed in a long time.
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  6. I Am Mick

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    Fucking hell. Fucking hell.
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  7. riotspray

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    Ramsay rules and his Hot Ones ep is an all timer
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  8. ChaseTx

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    I still haven't watched an ep of Hot Ones despite meaning to forever. I just never get on YouTube though
  9. yung_ting


    Ramsay is the only Hot Ones I’ve ever seen and it was amazing
  10. Shrek

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    i already spend too much on podcasts but i couldn't resist being a patron for We Love Trash. i'm already delighted.
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  11. imthesheriff

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    Hot Ones is a lot of fun
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  12. Shrek

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  13. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    There was a Man vs. Food spicy chicken wings challenge and Adam Richmond spent half the time cutting off the meat with a knife and fork just so it wouldn't have to touch his lips.
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  15. yung_ting


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  16. Shrek

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    nicole's stark refusal to be anything but herself is the goddamn best.
  17. SlappinCups

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    I completely forgot Belknap was on PUTJ this week, gotta check it out
  18. PeacefulOrca

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    Love that Conan put Sona on his show as a guest because of the whole mix up bit, only wish they had more time to prepare it.
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  19. tdlyon

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    The whole episode was fantastic, really reminded me of the writer's strike episodes of his old show when he had to improvise most of it
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  20. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Nutstalgia, the nuts your father used to eat.
  21. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    I will never get tired of PFT and Lauren dunking on Scott for his age difference with Kulap
  22. Zilla

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    The story of Paul Scheer trying to french kiss his mom on "How Did This Get Made?" absolutely killed me.
  23. tucah

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    ‘Bajillion Dollar Propertie$’ Lands At Pluto TV, Sets Season 4 Debut – Deadline

    "Starting today, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ will begin rolling out seasons 1-3 on a weekly basis leading up to the debut of the never-seen-before season four premiere on August 5. Viewers can tune in to Pluto TV’s FUNNY AF (Ch. 423) to watch back-to-back episodes every evening at 7PM EST/PST to watch the series. Episodes will be available on-demand, shortly thereafter."
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  24. Slangster

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    That, plus June's story about picking up pizzas for "Taul." All-around great ep. They've recaptured the magic lately.
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  25. eight30


    So have you guys seen this Bring the Funny show?