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  1. riotspray


    Didn't realize I posted this in the Doughboys thread by accident...

    Minolo's doppleganger calling into Dr. Gameshow is too good.
  2. ChaseTx

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    I gotta a little steamed when he said "there was a band called Every Time I Die"
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  3. Don’t worry you’re not the first to do so. I’ve done this at least twice
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  4. love how basically no conspiracy theories are talked about in this week’s high and mighty
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  5. chewbacca110

    Beer/horror podcast - listen everywhere

    They start strong then abandon it altogether 30 minutes in. I wish I was this talkative when I’m high.
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  6. Ferrari333SP

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    So this is good

  7. riotspray


    Anyone seen Kill Tony live, or at least listen to the podcast?

    I was given a ticket to the show, so I'll go, but I've never listened before. Is it just a stand up show mostly?
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  8. I Am Mick

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    I'm still making my way through The Flagrant Ones and it's amazing how often they shit on the Raptors and anyone who thinks the Raptors will win. I don't know shit about basketball but I like feeling smarter than them with my future knowledge
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  9. riotspray


    I know this was posted here before, but I'm just now getting around to it and it's worth posting again.

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  10. SpookinCups

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    pretty cool labor of love from Steve Byrne
  11. SpookinCups

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    oh fuck i'm crying
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  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  13. Mr. Serotonin

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    I fuckin' love that show :crylaugh:

    Comics/aspiring comics put their name in a bucket. They pull names and each person does 60 seconds of standup. Some are absolutely awful, some are great. Some have been doing it for years, some it's their first time. Then they interview them afterwards and usually roast them a bit. There's also a band which may be the funniest part of the show. They play new characters every week and chime in on the interview portions.
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  14. kbeef2

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    Jesse Eisenberg on MBMBAM is WILD
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  15. SpookinCups

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    omg that Carol Channing story on Conan's podcast
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  16. omg can’t wait to listen
  17. riotspray


    Sounds like it could be very hit or miss, but I'm sure it'll be a great time either way.
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  18. Mr. Serotonin

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    It is, but a lot of the times even if the comics are bad, they get roasted and it's still funny/entertaining haha.
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  19. riotspray


    Yeah, I can imagine that sometimes the bad comics are the "best"
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  20. riotspray


    lol I'm watching a YouTube video of various Kill Tony clips and this one dude just said...

    "People have told me I have a golden penis. It's not because of my sexual prowess, it's because my uncle Midas was a very bad man."
  21. Mr. Serotonin

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    :crylaugh: I don't remember that particular moment but I have seen every episode.
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  22. Daniel


    The longer I follow Ron Funches the more I think he kinda sucks as a person.
  23. Shrek

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    enjoyed the first ep of Richter's show. i really just love that dude. his hitting the podcast rounds this week was a treat
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  24. yung_ting


    He does suck. I’ve followed Yusef (the guy who wrote the review) for a long time and he was acting really manic and suicidal and asked for money for rehab, ended up getting $8000 from his followers and then never went to rehab and now multiple women have come forward saying he abused them

    It’s despicable, and Ron using this as a reason to discredit a mediocre review of his special is just embarrassing
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  25. imthesheriff

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    Didn’t he defend Hardwick because “he was always cool to me” or some shit?