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  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    "The Iranian-American actress created the show and is writing, exec producing and co-showrunning with Hayes Davenport"
  2. AWasteOfATime


    why do i feel like any show either of the boys gets attached to is doomed.....
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  3. yung_ting


    Vice Principals did well, no?
  4. bigmike

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    John is such a good dude. Miss those days of posting about hockey with him on AP.
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  5. Grapevine_Twine

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    Sorry uh, haven’t you seen Big Lake?
  6. Daniel


    Anyone know how TeePublic shirts are? Just got a Don't Stop or We'll Die shirt, but now I'm wondering if I should've splurged on something besides the basic tee.
  7. Youarcade

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    I don't know if anybody listens to Yeah But Still,(Brandon Wardells podcast) but Sarah Sherman was poppin off on Pete Holmes, Crashing, and it's so true.
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  8. imthesheriff

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    What did she say?
  9. Youarcade

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    She was just saying how he writes all these scenes in which he's banging hot actresses, and why would a show that is so boring be shot on actual film.

    It was just a funny take, I've only seen season 1 of Crashing.
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  10. OhTheWater

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    I don't like Pete to begin with, and having a series where he has pretty graphic sex scenes with actresses is a weird look as well.
  11. riotspray

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    Pete is great. Crashing is great. Some of the sex scenes are (maybe) unnecessary, but it's tame compared to other HBO shows.
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  12. incognitojones Supporter

    I've soured a lot on Pete but always liked his comedy and occasional podcast appearances. Crashing was impossible to watch for me after like two episodes, just weird and cringey.
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  13. Aaron Mook

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    Pete seems like a funny and talented guy whose delivery is just bordline unbearable to me

    Don't know anything about Crashing.
  14. Vivatoto

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    Yeah that's my issue with Crashing (though I enjoy most of it). For every great episode about the comedy scene there's three episodes of sex and dating. The new relationship on the show is annoyingly perfect.
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  15. Youarcade

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    I enjoy Pete's specials and podcast appearances, I'll even listen to YMIW if I like the guest. Crashing was just ok, I really only watched for Lapkus.
  16. ncarrab


    I actually can’t stand Pete as a stand-up act but really like Crashing. The sex scenes the past few episodes have been a bit much though.
  17. kbeef2

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    I frequently forget that Crashing even exists
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  18. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I like Crashing and Pete but it would be nice if comedians who weren't white dudes got shows and projects like Pete or Birbiglia or any of those people do, I guess that's Take My Wife haha but you know bigger
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  19. Youarcade

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    I still need to peep Take My Wife, but Cameron Esposito really irks me! Rhea on the other hand is always a delight.
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  20. bradsonemanband

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    I almost got through all of seasons 1 and 2 of Crashing, and then I stopped caring about it. It's too much of a pain in the ass to find episodes to stream. (I don't have cable/a TV)

    I love Pete so much though. Such a sweet boy.
  21. chewbacca110

    Beer/horror podcast - listen everywhere

    Season 3 of Crashing is on another level, y'all. Best of the bunch so far.

    I totally get not being into Pete both as a comic and also as a person as he is extremely brash, but I am sucker for his child-like curiosity about the world who just wants to make people laugh any way he can.
  22. simonthebutler


    Watching weeds for the first time and PFT has just guested in an episode. It really threw me as there was no moustache or fancy suit
  23. y2jayjk

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    My parents asked if my gf and I wanna go to Gabriel Iglesias.

    Is he cancelled or is he fun
  24. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    He’s fluffy.
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  25. Jake Gyllenhaal

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