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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by devenstonow, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. elwayinthe4th

    my earliest class starts at 10 and i have an internship m,w,f that goes til 5. my job goes from 7:30pm-3am. i usually get home at 3:30 and i have to leave for class by 9.
  2. Dog with a Blog

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    What about Tuesday and Thursday ?
  3. Leftandleaving

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    My school’s getting evacuated again due to hurricane :~)
  4. elwayinthe4th

  5. Dog with a Blog

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    Yeah, that sucks. Although, it’s not too different from my schedule throughout the years. Typically I’d be at school by 10am having working the night before until 2-3am. I dunno what your financial situation is like but if I were you I guess I’d see if I could work Thursday through Sunday and then be off Monday through Wednesday. There isn’t really a great answer tbh.
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  6. PatRFinley

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    just spilled my coffee and then almost immediately dropped my laptop when I went to pick up my coffee. Oh boy its been a day
  7. CobraKidJon

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    I didn’t study for my first geography test and it showed because I failed and he doesn’t drop the lowest grade so yikes on me. I got 4 more tests to redeem myself.
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  8. elwayinthe4th

    i have to interview the head of the biology department in an hour and i'd really just rather not.
    on the plus side i think my friend is gonna hook me up with a new job.
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  9. supernovagirl

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    Yo senioritis is REAAAAL
  10. CobraKidJon

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    I need to get my act together because I have been slacking hard on the semester and it barely started.
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  11. Ben

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    My first lab report for anatomy and I'm already procrastinating until the last minute. It's going to be a great semester. :peace:
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  12. MysteryKnight


    The assignments are slowly starting to pile up and I hate it.

    I also always end up with at least one professor that is utter garbage that I learn nothing from. I can already tell who that is this semester
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  13. Dog with a Blog

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    How is it that I only have three teachers this semester and two of them are named Mel.

    Anyways, it’s astounding how much I’m not caring about school rn haha. I mean, not really in a bad way, but I’m just very nonchalant about what needs to get done. Yesterday in class we were given a writing prompt that’s due in like two weeks and were tasked with doing some pre-writing for about twenty minutes and I just rested my head on my hand in a way that my teacher couldn’t see my face and napped. I’ll definitely have papers to write and shit but for the most part I just feel like all I have to do is wait for the semester to be over

    *cut to two months later when I’m flipping out about having a paper due in 5 hours that I haven’t started*
  14. The Lucky Moose

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    How did people get survey responses before Facebook? I only used different groups and got like 300 in a week
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  15. supernovagirl

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    @Dog with a Blog obviously I feel you.

    I came home from class at 4:30 yesterday and then had to write a 1000-1500 word paper by midnight.
    Now today I have to read a chapter and write a response paper
    But instead ima take this nap

    I also need to read articles and take notes but I can turn that in late so that’s the current plan
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  16. elwayinthe4th

    I'm tutoring this freshman composition (college writing) class, and some of the students really suck lol.
  17. PatRFinley Sep 10, 2019
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    I just heard back about a job interview I am extremely excited about right as I was walking into class. Im definitely not learning anything over the next 1.5 hours haha

    Edit: The professor just said he was gonna re-post the reading we are going over with all his additional notes. This reading went totally over my head so basically today has been a huge win for me!
  18. Dog with a Blog

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    I know I shouldn’t complain cause my school schedule is hella chill but damn, 3 hour long classes suck lol
  19. elwayinthe4th

    i'm starting to feel like community college is kinda bullshit. i'm re-listening to an interview I did with the head of the biology department, and the theme of the interview seems to be "you can take a biology class here, and then you can go somewhere else."
    i know most students going to this school will transfer out but as a school wouldn't you want to emphasize the time students spend here?
  20. supernovagirl

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    How does that make it bullshit though? An affordable and localized option for the same classes seems like a no-brainer.
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  21. elwayinthe4th

    I agree with that aspect but I guess for me I've just had this feeling that I'm being pushed out the door before I've gained anything of value, does that make sense?
  22. supernovagirl

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    I suppose yeah
  23. Dog with a Blog

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    My community college experience was total garbage. I’m glad I did it cause it was pretty much free but the cost was that I had absolutely zero motivation to be there and it took me forever to finish because I hated it so much. Not to get all conspiracy theory but while I was there I was convinced that it was designed to keep you down and to thwart you from from finishing. I had some decent teachers but overall I just felt like I was always working against something rather than being propped up like I should have been. Truly a horrible experience.
  24. Dog with a Blog

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    In contrast, my experience at a university has been a breeze
  25. elwayinthe4th

    thats really encouraging lol. i might be going to a private university :teethsmile::teethsmile::teethsmile::teethsmile:
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