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    i don't think you'd hate it and you might even really enjoy it, but once weed is off the table for someone i think it's prudent to handle anything else with an even larger degree of caution

    i think you mentioned anxiety re: weed and i mean this is a stimulant so there's a decent chance it gets your heart racing
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    Hmm. Interesting. Not exactly the same, or even the same at all, but the few times I have taken Vicodin simply for recreational purposes I have really enjoyed it. But I guess that’s just like a pain killer, right? Lol

    And yes, weed tends to make me anxious. It’s rare that I have a good time
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    yeah, unless you have issues not being completely in control there's no reason not to enjoy something like that haha. but like there are things that do similar things that might just not agree with you. like, i love adderall, but when ive taken vyvanse which is generally used for similar things, i get really anxious and feel like my heart is palpitating. so i avoid that one

    but also im not your dad so im telling you this but you can also do whatever you're comfortable with lol. i don't think you'd decide without considering whether or not that's something you actually want, so i feel okay saying this part haha
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    you seem to be handing out this distinction idk how special it is anymore
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  7. elwayinthe4th

    dude for real I've been on and off ADD meds since I was five. Adderall sucks.
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    Lmao oh byyyy the way, an update:

    Yesterday (!) my aforementioned prof emailed us to let us know there wouldn’t be any more class for the semester.
    She said we have to record our presentations or turn it into a paper
    Then she sent a follow up email that people had too many questions about the paper so it had to be a recorded presentation
    But we got another week, so
    I ain’t mad at it.

    I just desperately want to know if it was really a result of her illness or is because of the situation I posted about
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    why am I the way that I am
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    Looking at my student loans. Yeesh. Gonna take awhile to pay this shit off
  12. elwayinthe4th

    Has anyone done a communications internship? I just started looking.
  13. CobraKidJon

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    4 more weeks of school. I can do it.

    4 more weeks.
  14. elwayinthe4th

    Does anyone know if interns get drug tested? I'm guessing they do.
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    Only two weeks left but I am experiencing some serious burnout. Skipped class yesterday and literally laid in bed all day and didn’t do any homework. Looks like I’m about to do the same today. I have to get some homework done tho.
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    I’m already starting to do this and I still have summer school so it’s like no keep the focus.
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    I also suffered from burnout but there's a light at the end of the tunnel just another couple of days of finals ahhhjjjhhjj
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    I have a 98% in one class so realistically I could miss the whole last month and I’d still be good but my other class is at an 80% with two more tests left.
  19. elwayinthe4th

    I have a math exam tomorrow that I'm definitely going to bomb. Trying to come to terms with my grade dropping.
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    I’ve been “writing” this poem all god damn day/night. And I have a paper due tomorrow (today). I fucking suck. Can’t wait for this trash to be over and done with
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    omg that paper is due the 6th praise be I can

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    this happened to me last week haha it's like the best feeling but in the end it's the day before and I still haven't done it
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    Yep!! Haha
  24. scroopy.noopers

    : (

    all those math courses i took from 2013-15 are really paying off in this data science prep course. i've never taken a statistics class though so its a totally new subject for me.
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    All depends on the company/field youre trying to get into. I am a Finance major and I've been drug tested for an intern position.
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