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Coldplay Pause Touring Until It Can Be Environmentally Beneficial

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 21, 2019.

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    Coldplay plan to pause all touring until their concerts can be environmentally beneficial:

    “We’re taking time over the next year or two, to work out how our tour can not only be sustainable [but] how can it be actively beneficial.”

    “All of us have to work out the best way of doing our job,” he continued, saying the band wanted their future tours to “have a positive impact.”

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  2. smowashere


    Really respect them for trying to figure this out.
  3. josh-

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    Pretty easy to do this when you literally have no reason to tour in the first place lol
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  4. HarrisonMonopoly


    Wow. So proud of these guys who have made millions upon millions of dollars doing tours with dozens of busses and tractor trailers full of gear to now put the environment first. Thank you for your service Coldplay. Thank you.
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  5. BradBradley


    I’m not sure that I understand your post. They’re dropping a new album tomorrow.
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  6. swboyd

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    just strap an acoustic guitar to your back and tour the country by bike and/or paddleboat. problem solved.
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  7. I suppose I should have expected cynicism to eat people's brains.
  8. Serenity Now

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    This is a cool move
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  9. KyleK

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    Just because someone has done something in the past doesn't discount them trying to do better in the future, especially when that something is something pretty innocuous like being a touring band. I think it's commendable they're considering ways to mitigate the environmental impacts of their touring, even though "environmentally beneficial" is probably an unreasonably high bar to set
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  11. Frank Lapidus

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    That's awesome that they are trying to figure out their environmental impact. I'd have to imagine a band their size - their impact must be pretty big with all of the production trucks, crews, etc that goes into each of their tours. I'm curious as to how high a bar they will set until they feel that their tours are 'environmentally beneficial'. At some point, I would have to think it would be extremely difficult to not have any impact whatsoever, but big props to them for recognizing the size of their band/tours and actively trying to figure out ways to change. If there is a band that could make it happen it would be Coldplay. Hopefully whatever answers they figure out will help show the way for artists their size.
  12. somethingwitty


    They’re going to make all their money on festival dates this album cycle, also cuts down on their carbon footprint as they won’t be hauling gear around the world for months at a time.

    Why does everyone have to be so cynical about this? You don’t like the band, cool...but why shit on people for trying to do something?

    Also, Radiohead tried carbon neutral touring a couple years ago and I don’t think they were ever able to make it feasible.
  13. Serenity Now

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    Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 6.27.03 PM.png
  14. Analog Drummer


    Their album came out today
  15. DaydreamNation

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    I get people are going to be cynical, but I think this is clearly genuine and not a PR stunt. If they wanted to just do a PR stunt they could buy enough solar/wind offsets to call themselves "carbon neutral" (a tried-and-true practice by American universities for example, look it up) and then move on. Good for them!
  16. slimfenix182


    Yeah I mean an album comes out and they're not touring? I'm 100% sure touring does better for them then whatever press this is getting. They're very bad at stunts if this is one haha
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