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Coldplay Cover Linkin Park

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Ferrari333SP

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    That was pretty beautiful actually
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  3. SmithBerryCrunch

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    It's been so crazy to see how many different types of musicians/bands have commented/played covers/tweeted/etc. about Chester. I guess I never truly realized how big of an impact/reach they had in the music world.
  4. Gen Handley


    Yeah agreed.
  5. Ferrari333SP

    Prestigious Supporter

    Any other good ones on Youtube?
  6. SmithBerryCrunch

    Trusted Prestigious

    Even Nickleback and Fergie paid tribute

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  7. SmithBerryCrunch

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    There's also been a ton of fan tributes all over the world. Pretty powerful stuff.

  8. [removed]

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    They always do a great job with touching tributes and covers. Very classy band.
  9. TobiasSc

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    beautiful. chris martin is blessed with that voice.
  10. spencpants

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    I guess I'm in the minority, here - I think it's a really cool gesture, but I didn't think it sounded great. :hearno:
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  11. SuNDaYSTaR

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    That Fergie one was cringe-worthy at best.
  12. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Really wonder what they're gonna do, I think they'll stay a band though.