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Coldplay Announce New Documentary

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Coldplay will release a new documentary called A Head Full Of Dreams on November 14th. The full press release is below along with a trailer.

    Hello again. The band have just announced a new film, A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS, which throws the doors wide open on Coldplay’s colourful 20 year history. The film will be available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from Friday, November 16 in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, with local language versions available globally soon after.
    The documentary release will be preceded by a special one-night showing of the film in collaboration with Trafalgar Releasing in more than 2,000 cinemas globally, on Wednesday, November 14. Tickets are on sale from Friday, October 19 from

    A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS offers an in-depth and intimate portrait of the band’s spectacular rise from the backrooms of Camden pubs to selling out stadiums across the planet.

    The film is helmed by Mat Whitecross – director of Supersonic, the acclaimed 2016 Oasis documentary – who met the four friends at college in 1996, before they’d even formed the band. From the very first rehearsal in a cramped student bedroom, Mat has been there to capture the music and the relationships on tape.

    In conjunction with the launch of A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS on Amazon Prime Video, the band will premiere three live tracks, available to stream only on Amazon Music, beginning Friday, October 26. The tracks are: Stayin’ Alive (Live at Glastonbury) by Coldplay & Barry Gibb, Us Against The World (Live in Leipzig) and Don’t Panic (Live in Paris).



    This will be cool!
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    Will get around to this
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    Will watch
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    I'm a sucker for films like this.
    Very excited to see it!