Coheed and Cambria Announce Cruise

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    Coheed and Cambria have announced their inaugural cruise with special guests Taking Back Sunday. The full press release is below.


    Progressive rock icons Coheed and Cambria continue to create new career benchmarks for themselves. This is showcased in their recent partnership with Sixthman to create an immersive festival at sea that brings their audience closer than ever before in their 19-year history. The band plans to perform early songs and deep cuts that can rarely be heard, as well as bring their sci-fi concept, The Amory Wars, to life in several on-board installations. The band will also interact with fans in Q&A sessions and other scenarios. Joining the Coheed on this fantastic voyage is Taking Back Sunday, The Dear Hunter, Polyphia, Culture Abuse and others. More artists and activities will be added in the near future. The S.S. Neverender sets sail aboard the Norwegian Pearl on October 26-30, 2020 from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas.
    ““We’re always trying to find ways to improve the fan experience. Our fans like to travel, they like to meet other fans, we’re like a big family. So the idea of a cruise seemed like a way to allow a bunch of us to just go on vacation together,” explains Coheed founding member Travis Stever.

    Fans are encouraged to join the cruise pre-sale for early access. Fans who bought the band’s most recent box set, The Unheavenly Creatures, will be given priority. Low deposits of $150 and flexible payment-plans that feature zero interest rates are available. To learn more about S.S. Neverender, visit

  2. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    Incredible, albeit predictable, lineup. Of all music cruises, this is at the top of the list of ones I'd go on.
  3. Brent

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    Waiting for someone to complain about how bad cruises are in 3...2...1...

    Anyways, I’m down for this cruise.
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  4. AMC


    I always have fun on cruises.
    We usually do 1 a year
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  5. Ska Senanake Nov 19, 2019
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    Ska Senanake


    The fact they are announcing this now means Josh will be fully recovered by then (most likely) which is fantastic news. Love that guy.
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  6. That is an awesome line-up
  7. 333 GANG


    Me too. It doesn’t get much better than cruising.
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  8. Mister Lyrical

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    I find it a little hilarious that Taking Back Sunday is the main support for this after their attempt at a cruise bombed.
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  9. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    I think these cruises only work with hyper-passionate fan-bases. Scale is also a consideration.

    Parahoy works because their fanbase is massive and rabid. I think Coheed is on that wavelength. Jonathan Coulton's cruise is a bit smaller in scale, but has no problem meeting capacity because again, super devoted fans.

    That isn't to say TBS doesn't have a big or involved fan-base, but do they reach the cult-like status that more successful cruise-hosting acts do? I don't think so.
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