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Code Orange Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by StormAndTheSun, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. StormAndTheSun

    insects come to life Supporter

    Didnt see a thread for them yet so I figured I'd make one. They just posted what looks like a teaser for an announcement tomorrow. Anyone else excited for a new album from these guys?
  2. StormAndTheSun

    insects come to life Supporter

    The tweet for anyone interested
  3. Horrorca


    this band is sick - a breath of fresh air for heavy music - they were just kids (no pun) when they released their first album and it was immense

    I AM KING was amazing but I hope they get weirder and more experimental and I hope this is a teaser for a new album
  4. bedwettingcosmo

    i like bands who can't sing good Supporter

    i am king is the only thing i've consistently enjoyed from em. stoked if we are really getting new material.
  5. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    They signed to Roadrunner. Woah.
  6. subplotofcrows

    A Grand Scene For A Color Film Prestigious

    They're gonna be huge. I think the new record will play the middle ground between more accessible tracks like "Dreams in Inertia" and some insanely heavy/weird experimental tracks which will probably sound like early Chimaira (which is ironic since RR almost dropped Chimaira after Pass Out of Existence.)
  7. StormAndTheSun

    insects come to life Supporter

    Pretty cool. I was hoping for a new song or something, but Fall is still a ways off.
  8. bedwettingcosmo

    i like bands who can't sing good Supporter

    cool they are opening for deftones though. definitely thought the tease meant new music :\
  9. red8ge


    Roadrunner's been doing a good job of recovering from their mid 2k's lineup, these guys and some other signees are really tight
  10. teenagemustache

    I used to be cool...

    It's awesome that they signed to Roadrunner. They deserve it for being such a hardworking band. I remember seeing them for the first time when they played a pizza shop right after they signed to deathwish. They've come a long way.
  11. Bane

    The spiciest meme

    Great for them, I loved I Am King. Fall 2016 could mean new music right?
  12. amorningofsleep

    No-rope barbed wire Jones

    Wasn't really sure how to take this news at first. But man, good for them.
  13. cherrywaves


    Oh shit good for them. Very interested to see where they head musically
  14. ghostedaway

    bryan Prestigious

    Awesome. Seems like they've gotten a lot bigger in the past year or two.
  15. Turntstile


    It's sick to see how much this band has grown in the past few years
  16. johnnyferris

    Sic Parvis Magna Prestigious

    Great seeing them get signed by Roadrunner. Finally saw them play last fall with Terror and it was a war in that room. Interested to see what they do with their sound.
  17. vein.ftm

    Trusted Prestigious

    Saw them play last night and it was a war!!!!

    I was watching from the bar, lol they sounded great though way better than when I saw them a few years ago. I can't wait till they release something new.
  18. red8ge


    realized today turnstile is also on roadrunner. wild
  19. Roadrunner looks to be getting into the hardcore punk scene.
  20. red8ge


    i know they're def trying to shake off their old rep and put out good shit now
  21. cherrywaves


    Roadrunner started putting out a lot of hardcore releases too. Biohazard, Life of Agony, etc. Cool to see them circling back
    red8ge likes this.
  22. Horrorca


    I'm happy for CO they're going to fuck shit up with their new album, I'm sure

    and Turnstile, fuck yes
  23. sophos34

    Prestigious Supporter

    this band is sick
  24. subplotofcrows

    A Grand Scene For A Color Film Prestigious

    Hoping for a new song soon
  25. Horrorca


    listening to I AM KING as I type - insane album

    can't wait for LP#3

    it will be game changer, I am sure