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Clothing/Shoes/Fashion Thread • Page 3

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Meerkat, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. St. Nate

    We were just talkin' bout the Jesus. Prestigious

    Ughhhhhhhhh.... that sucks.
  2. Meerkat

    Officer Hot Prestigious

    Yup. And a lot of my friends don't get it. "Come on, I have this dress you'll look fine in, just come with us"
  3. Snoblin

    Chaotic-Good Goblin Person Prestigious

    I really wish it was standard for dresses to be worn by everyone. There's so much more potential for self expression through feminine clothing than there is for masculine clothing.
  4. Meerkat

    Officer Hot Prestigious

    Just ordered this shirt and this watch/bracelet. (Actually, @Kyle Huntington has this shirt as well)

    Also, the three shirts I ordered came in just in time for me to have a lot of socializing to do in the next few days. Good news.
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  5. Meerkat

    Officer Hot Prestigious

    @schlotty That black and silver leather jacket is to die for
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  6. My standard attire consists of a plaid button-down, Levi's 511 dark blue jeans, and Clarks desert boots
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  7. I never know what to wear, so I own a lot of the same two t-shirts.


    Following this thread.
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  8. Rainbow sandals, which I love, announced a new blue version that kinda reminds me of this website's color scheme and I want a pair. I have no reason to buy them besides I like that color blue.

  9. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    Rainbows are not cheap and those blue and black ones look cheap.
  10. St. Nate

    We were just talkin' bout the Jesus. Prestigious

    I like wearing my Nike Elites or Dri Fit socks with my Nike sandles when I go out to play volleyball. I of course change into the proper footwear once there. It's like part of my my pre game outfit consisting of Addida joggers and a hoody.
  11. There are actually some interesting studies on "decision fatigue." But if I'm being honest it's really "I like how I feel in these, fuck it I'll buy like all of them."
  12. Thanks for saving me $50! Hahahahaha.
  13. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    You're very welcome. I'll always be the angel on your shoulder. O:-)
  14. New plan: run clothing purchases by Erin and this thread first.
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  15. Holy shit.

    Also that collar is way too open for me. You'd be seeing all the Tater-chest hair in that bad boy.
  16. Garrett

    just looking for a little hope Moderator

    I think I'm at the point where a traditional crew feels like it's choking me. All about the v-neck or scoop neck.
  17. Garrett

    just looking for a little hope Moderator

    Eventually. I'm still in that "just lost a good bit of weight" bod and that is never deep v territory.
  18. Your Milkshake

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I got a new wind breaker. it's rad
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  19. St. Nate

    We were just talkin' bout the Jesus. Prestigious

    I've rocked a deep v in my day.

    Some of my Hanes white t v necks go somewhat deep.
  20. I own about 10 v-necks that I work in. Much more comfortable for around the house/office and working in at the computer every day. But I have zero confidence in wearing that outside of the house. Haha.
  21. St. Nate

    We were just talkin' bout the Jesus. Prestigious

    I believe in you.
  22. Garrett

    just looking for a little hope Moderator

    Sad. At one point when I was living in Italy, I actually had a tan line from a v-neck I wore them so much.

    Because of the aforementioned tater-chest hair? Either way, rock it.
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  23. I am currently brimming with confidence, thanks Nate! Gonna go check the mail in my v-neck and slippers now.

  24. Hah, just don't have a confident feeling with it in public, I dunno how to describe it. I'm weird.