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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Meerkat, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. mr_november


    Nabbed two pairs of naked and famous jeans today for $50 at this local second hand store .

    Also this JCrew sale is killing me.
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  2. CobraKidJon

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    The one thing that truly upsets me is getting into sneaker culture at the worst possible time. I got into shoes a few weeks after the Wotherspoon air max dropped and I remember my friends being all hyped about getting it. I was like "oh that is cool, it looks like a dope shoe."

    That shoe has turned into a grail of mine and it upsets me I legit had a chance for it, if i paid attention at the time.
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  3. currytheword


    Started off my work week of fashion expos and showroom appointments in NYC with having to wake up, shovel a foot of snow at 6a, proceed to accidentally rip off one of my windshield wipers clearing my car, and then catching the only train out of my town this morning at 7:30a. But at least I’m wearing this nice shirt.
  4. wisdomfordebris

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  5. airik625

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  6. Borat

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    I bought a pair of naked and famous jeans off eBay for like $35 and they are nice but the rise is soooo low like whyyyy
  7. currytheword


    They’ve got a few different fits that I sell. Some are much better than others for sure.
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  8. currytheword


    Men’s fashion week of expos is both extremely fun and interesting as it is equally exhausting. Found some great stuff and made good progress but I’m sick of taxi’s, negative degree weather, and staring at color palettes.

    Has anyone here ever purchased Scotch & Soda? As commercial as the brand has gotten, I truly love the originality and risks they take. I see stuff in their showroom that is either “wow, how would anyone ever wear that” or “fuck I need this in my life.” Very happy they’ve not lost their flare since being bought.
  9. Dog with a Blog

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    Also, picked up some running shoes at Buffalo Exchange. Haven’t had a new pair in like three years so they were desperately needed.

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  10. CobraKidJon

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    I have to go to a feet store tomorrow and get my feet all measured out for insoles because no insoles I buy help ease my foot pain so that is fun.
  11. BlueEyesBrewing

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  12. Dog with a Blog

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    Also at Buffalo Exchange but they were new. I forget what the brand was :cringe:
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  13. thesoftskeleton

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  14. Dog with a Blog

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  15. Dog with a Blog

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    Um. I need this. It’s on sale for only $1050 :upside:

  16. SeeTheLights

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    Just bought my first pair of “real boots” red wing iron rangers, ordered my first pair of selvedge jeans (granted they are from American eagle, but they were only 80 dollars for 2 pair lol) and have been wearing my carhartt hat a lot lately. I am going to look like yr local hipster dad soon
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  17. coleslawed

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    v proud
  18. currytheword


    My Save the Duck coat is easily the best coat i've ever owned. I can wear a t shirt underneath it on a ten degree day in upstate NY and not feel a damn thing. 10/10 would recommend.
  19. CobraKidJon

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    I bought these New Balance shoes with like this high arch support insoles and they have been working pretty good so far.

    It was a little pricey but I needed shoes to be able to walk in at work and not be a total disaster.
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  20. Carmen SD Jan 30, 2019
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    Carmen SD


    Because clothing related: I gained enough weight that half my clothes don’t fit me anymore. I can’t really afford to buy new clothes. Most of them are good and I want to either sell some (the never been worn ones) or donte then somewhere
  21. Dog with a Blog

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    I feel ya. Had to buy like a whole new wardrobe for work cause I put on the lbs. I plan on losing them but that ain’t an overnight ordeal, ya know? I suggest second hand shops if possible
  22. Taketimeandfind


    I lost enough weight to where all my work clothes look big but the size down still feels too small. I plateaued too so I’ve just been struggling and picking up my pants every 5 seconds
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  23. Carmen SD


    I kinda have the same problem. Either too tight/small or too big/doesn't fit right. I mostly wear yoga/stretch pants and t-shirts. I have been waiting to go to the gym for a while now (not that I have an issue with my weight), but I'm gone for nearly 10 hours of the day for work... I leave around 5:30am and get home at around 3:30pm. Go to bed at 8pm. I don't know how people do it, especially the ones with kids!
  24. Dog with a Blog

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    I don’t know how people with kids do anything tbh
  25. GrantCloud


    yeah same I just like to give my cat the life of Luxury
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