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    Closure in Moscow is an Australian progressive rock band that formed in Melbourne, Victoria in 2006. The group is composed of guitarist-singer Mansur Zennelli, guitarist Michael Barrett, drummer Salvatore Aidone, bassist Duncan Millar and lead singer Christopher de Cinque. To date they have released one extended-play and two full-length studio albums: The Penance and the Patience (2008), First Temple (2009) and Pink Lemonade (2014) respectively.

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    These guys are very underrated, and Pink Lemonade especially gets not nearly enough love for being a great progressive rock album. They changed quite a bit since their post-hardcore days on the EP and first album, but the new stuff is still phenomenal.
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    Love them, Pink Lemonade was a lot to take in, but really really fantastic for the most part
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    I miss them
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    The new Stolas song has HUGE Closure in Moscow vibes, made me think of them.

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    This band is seriously incredible, can’t believe how little discussion they get on here. I still return to their three releases all the time, desperately want new stuff and a US tour.
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    Orange and white splatter sold out and shipping brings the 180-gram to $33: prob gonna test my luck and hope they do another tour after PTS and have it.
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    never heard of this band before but saw this thread bumped. these songs you posted are badass!
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    Really need to see them on this tour.
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