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    So do psychedelics play a major role in the narrative, and if so, do we get anything like the sweet visual trip in Enter the Void?
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    Yes to your first question. No to the second. Haven’t seen Void but I know the scene you are talking about
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    But it’s still incredibly visually arresting
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    Can you link this? Never heard/seen anything of the nature.

    Also, Enter the Void gave me a headache, the colors, style, etc. all were all too much.
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    I must now go to the source Supporter

    I’ve been trying to find what I read years ago, but am having trouble locating it now. Some of the things I read just now have jogged my memory a bit though I still can’t find the specific thing I remember. I should probably clarify that it’s not even necessarily that Gaspar crossed a personal line while filming this scene. From what I understand, he was gracious about it and actually left the scene up to Monica. She handled the majority of the direction for the scene and they shot it six times over two days. I think what bothered me about how it was shot is this (from what I recall):

    There was no dialogue written for the scene so it was entirely improvised. The actors were very friendly between takes and then they’d go back in and it immediately turned into horror. Gaspar told the male actor to improvise the line “Call me daddy” because he wanted to leave the audience with the impression he himself may have been raped at one point or that he just wanted to use this line to further destroy her mind. Monica watched I Spit On Your Grave and Deliverance all afternoon to prepare herself and she said that each take grew more difficult because she knew what was coming and it was mentally taxing. The male actor had an extremely difficult time with it because of the horrifying nature of the vile acts he was committing as well as the things he was saying. This is the part I’m having trouble finding now. I recall reading that they had Monica on padded mats so it would be easier on her knees and that the actor simulating the assault kept stopping between takes to ask if she was okay and that it was clearly upsetting him. At one point he was in tears and kept apologizing to Monica while she reassured him it was okay before they’d go again. They would take two to two and a half hour breaks between takes because the crew needed to stop as well. It was just too emotionally draining for everyone involved. Monica has said that when she sees the scene now it hurts and after one of the takes her husband ran up to her sobbing and they had to take a break together to go talk about it.

    I don’t know, I understand what Gaspar was doing but this is just not a film for me.

    Edit: forgot to mention Gaspar would show Vincent and Albert the rape scene every time they were between takes on the opening assault scene just to keep them emotional and angry. That part always bothered me, especially given Vincent’s visceral reaction on set while they were filiming said scene.
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    Downloaded Climax today. Will prob watch this weekend. Loved Irreversible, was rather eh on Love. Should I watch Enter the Void? Reviews seem rather mixed.
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    I’ve been hella obsessed with EDM lately so I feel I watched this at the right time. I’ve also been kinda interested in doing drugs while listening to said music (something I’ve never done before). This movie makes that decision seem questionable :crylaugh:
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