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Circa Survive - The Amulet (September 22, 2017) Album • Page 146

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by irthesteve, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. sukottokairu


    Indra's Net is amazing! love Dark Pools as well. surprised to see songs of this quality being cut. i certainly wouldn't have complained if they were included in the original album. i kind of hate the trend of these short 10 song albums. i wonder where they would have been in the tracklisting?
  2. Gnarly Charlie

    Good guy, but a bad dude

    Idk, sometimes I find Circa's albums to be a bit exhausting. Descensus, although I love it, and VIolent Waves, meh, are both guilty of this.

    Regardless, the b-sides rule.
  3. Your Milkshake

    Trusted Prestigious

    ohh the guitars are pretty cool on this
  4. EvanEV


    Can’t imagine these songs fitting anywhere on The Amulet.
  5. trevorshmevor

    and use a pretty font Supporter

    Like both of these songs a lot, but one of The Amulet’s strengths is its digestible runtime. Neither of these songs would’ve added a whole lot to the record that isn’t already there so I’m glad they weren’t on the official release
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  6. White

    I long for death. Prestigious

    I can't believe how amazing both these songs are.

    @CircaSurvive how's that 40 track quadruple album coming?
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  7. Gooddayz

    smile in the mystery Supporter

    Indra's opening riff reminds me of Everyway. Cool song especially that last minute and a half when the bass drops
  8. ImAMetaphor

    so much I think Prestigious

    They were v v fun as usual last night. The only somewhat bummer was that the crowd was noticeably more energetic for La Dispute, but that does make sense when I think about it.
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  9. Your Milkshake

    Trusted Prestigious

    wat weird
  10. kelseyduffy


    that was not the case in nyc. the crowd was good to la dispute and there were obviously lots of fans there who sang along, but come on. it wasn't even close. im really surprised to hear that.
  11. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Well Michigan LD fans are probably way more into them obvs
  12. kelseyduffy


    i get it now
  13. ImAMetaphor

    so much I think Prestigious

    Yep, it was basically a hometown show for LD, and people go apeshit for them here. That’s not to say Circa had a bad crowd; they didn’t, it was extremely fun. But, nothing compared to the chaos of King Park or Said The King To The River, haha

    I also could be wrong, but I don’t think LD has played a show in Michigan since Bled Fest, which was May of 2017.
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  14. White

    I long for death. Prestigious

    Anyone else had Indra’s Net on repeat for the last 9 hours straight?

    Might actually be 10 tbh.
  15. christsizedshoes


    Verses are legit one of the best things they've recorded since OLG for me

    This might be my favorite song from the Amulet sessions now lol
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  16. mattav152


    I'm loving Indra's Net. Not sure if I'd put it in place of anything on The Amulet or try to fit it into the tracklist somehow. I get some earlier Circa vibes from it for sure so I feel like it doesn't really fit the overall sound of the record. I love it as a b-side track though
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  17. Transient_Hymn

    Keep the Rubber Side Down Supporter

    Anthony sounded really good in Portland.
    I was in town from Oakland for work so was excited to see them somewhere different.

    The roseland theater is kind of lame but their stage set up was pretty cool with how small of a room it was.

    The way they play lustration was very cool. Birth of the economic hit man and at night it gets worse we’re prob my two favorites.

    La dispute was OK. Not sure why I’ve been less into them live recently.
  18. Bryan Diem


    Damn I'm really gonna miss the tour with a VW song? :\
  19. ImAMetaphor

    so much I think Prestigious

    Hit Man was my favorite song of the night
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  20. midnightxtaylor

    oh, you went fast to the midnight land

    It doesn't normally look like that. The show was so undersold that they closed the balcony and split the floor (only seen that happen maybe 3 times ever). Definitely changed the vibe of the show.
  21. Transient_Hymn

    Keep the Rubber Side Down Supporter

    Really surprised at the turnout. Is that normal for Portland?
    Last time I saw them in SF they sold out the Warfield which is a 2300 cap venue
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  22. midnightxtaylor

    oh, you went fast to the midnight land

    Portland shows are nearly always smaller than other cities, but I've seen Circa at the Roseland Theater 7 times (where 3 of the last 4 were headlining), and it's never sold that poorly. I've been to the Roseland 4 times in just the last two weeks, and the other 3 were sold out.
  23. sophos34

    Prestigious Prestigious

    the music video has elevated flesh and bone to top 3 on this album for me
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  24. Dog with a Blog

    mangeur de cul Prestigious

    Seeing em tomorrow at the Anaheim House of Blues. Never been to a HoB venue so I’m pretty excited
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  25. Dog with a Blog

    mangeur de cul Prestigious

    Oh man. Looks like they’ve been playing In The Morning and Amazing on this tour. Really hope I get it. My heart isn’t ready
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