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Chvrches Criticize Marshmello Over Chris Brown Collaboration

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Brent

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    Was excited for new marshmellow when I saw it on Apple Music this morning... then saw who the collaboration was with and don’t even want to give it a listen.
  3. tyramail

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    Love them for this.
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  4. MacbethSin


    Hell yeah. Huge ups to CHVRCHES for this. Little depressing how surprising it is to see it given the level of success their song is reaching right now, but it's kind of a beacon for the way things could and should be.
  5. zachmacD


    It's odd to me that marshmello would even work with these guys due to their reputation. Are Chris Brown or Tyga even relevant anymore? This criticism seems like it could've been easily avoided
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  6. somethingwitty


    Marshmello, like most other EDM producers, will work with anyone for a paycheck (ex. Diplo)
  7. ramres

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    People suck

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  8. Analog Drummer


    It’s a dreadful song anyway. Espesh coming off the chvrches song which was a doozy
  9. KyleK

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    She may as well have left the sender's name on that screencap - seems like the [insert word deserved but inappropriate for this website] wanted an audience anyway.