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Christmas Haul (official thread)

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by sophos34, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. sophos34

    Prestigious Supporter

    ''Tis the got damn season
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  2. sophos34

    Prestigious Supporter

    Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues
    Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere
    Joyce Manor - Cody
    Touché Amore - Stage Four
    The 1975 - The 1975
    Sumac - What One Becomes
    Russian Circles - Guidance

    Band Shirts:
    The 1975
    Brand New

    Video games:
    Watch Dogs 2
    Pokémon moon
    Final fantasy xv

    Skinny black pants
    Two nice button ups
    A pair of timbs
    A salt lamp
    And my mom made me a nice framed collage of family pics for my new apartment when I move out
  3. LuigiPeppercorn

    Trusted Prestigious

    new cymbal
    cymbal stand
    isolation headphones
    a jacket
    some sweatshirts
    socks, lots and lots of socks
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  4. secretsociety92

    Music, Gaming, Movies and Guys = Life

    £50 Cash
    £20 Gift Cards
    Bush Classic Portable Turntable
    Star Trek Beyond
    The Conjuring 2
    Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
    Two pairs of socks
    Top Gear Calendar
    Lynx Bodyspray & Bodywash
    Lots of chocolate
  5. Borat 2: Vengeance Dec 25, 2016
    (Last edited: Dec 25, 2016)
    Borat 2: Vengeance

    The Pitbull of Prestigious

    I got a Old Friend Senior Dog Sanctuary hoodie and t-shirt; [​IMG]

    Some money and 3 packs of Magic cards...about it for now!
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  6. lish

    Perpetually Cold Prestigious

    A bone China place setting
    Book of writing prompts
    Harry Potter POP Figure
    Two brush pens
    Spillproof mug
    $20 Steam card
    $100 cash

    Still waiting on a couple of things from my sisters, I think. Decent haul this year. I did fewer Secret Santa exchanges than I typically do, but money was so much tighter than usual. Oh well. *shrug*
  7. Vinyl:
    Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide To Earth
    The Front Bottoms - Rose
    Frank Turner - Positive Songs For Negative People

    The First Collection of Criticism By a Living Female Rock Critic - Jessica Hopper
    The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith
    Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace
    The Making of Star Wars coffee table book

    The Last Guardian
    Thalia capo
    Amazon Echo Dot
    The Metagame
    A bunch of assorted craft soda
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  8. Matt Metzler

    Space Cadet Prestigious

    Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues
    The Swellers - Good for Me

    The Selected Poems of Frank O'Hara
    Summer of Night, by Dan Simmons
    The Growth of the Soil, by Knut Hamsun

    Hiss Golden Messenger t-shirt
    POP! Vinyl toy of Teddy from Bob's Burgers
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  9. mad

    I was right. Prestigious

    My mom got us the best gift, she converted all of our home movies onto DVDs so we can actually watch them. Watching Christmas '96 right now.
  10. sophos34

    Prestigious Supporter

    I hope my mom does this some day we have so many old VHS home movies that we can't watch
  11. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    A set of beer glasses because I'm craft beer nerd
    Always Sunny Self Help Book
    Penguin socks
    Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt vinyl
    Gift certificate to a brew house near me
    American Alpha shirt
    Kanye prayer candle

    It's been a good Christmas
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  12. sleepy

    pale earnhardt jr.

    Was a more humble Christmas here, mainly got clothes & art supplies.
  13. CobraKidJon

    Fun must be always. Prestigious

    A iPhone charger and a iPhone case. All I needed tbh.
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  14. sleepy

    pale earnhardt jr.

    The real haul is from getting that returns money/credit tbh lmao.
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  15. ImAMetaphor

    absence 8/20/21 Prestigious

    Biographies of David Bowie, Brian Wilson, and Jack White
    The M Train by Patti Smith
    Lots of WMU apparel and merch (the school I'll be transferring to in a year or two)
    Gift cards to Penn Station, JCPenney, Guitar Center and Hot Topic (where I get my jeans)
    A hammock
    A harmonica
    Some drumsticks

    and a fucking melodica which is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I've already learned the theme to The Office.
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  16. sleepy

    pale earnhardt jr.

    Hot Topic is shitted on a lot and I get it totally, but there still is some good things to be gotten from there if ya can get past the whole "YOU SHOPPED AT HOT TOPIC?!" thing lol.
    I've gotten band shirts there a few times if I couldn't find a better place/place that had the ones I was looking for.
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  17. ImAMetaphor

    absence 8/20/21 Prestigious

    I used to get band shirts there all the time. It's still where I go to get my black skinny jeans. I'm stoked, I'm probably going to get a couple new pairs of those and then buy Star Wars shit with whatever is left over, haha.
  18. sleepy

    pale earnhardt jr.

    Haha I feel you totally, I'm a biggerer framed dude (my family blames the eastern european in us lol) so I can't do skinny jeans but the last time i went (online, since i prefer having the whole stock at my fingertips haha) I got some band shirts to this day I refuse to let my girl finesse me for lmao.
    She's REALLY been trying though, especially with my Joy Division & Death shirts lmao.
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  19. dylan

    Most-liked person on chorus Supporter


    My dad got really into board games this year haha. everyone got at least 1 game.

    And then a dress shirt, tie, some running gloves, and a pair of boots.
  20. sleepy

    pale earnhardt jr.

    I know I'm getting older now cus I was amped to get some high quality socks and flannels that fit absolutely perfectly lmao.
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  21. St. Nate

    GOATlahoman Son Prestigious

    Final Fantasy XV
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  22. sophos34

    Prestigious Supporter

    All three band shirts I got are from hot topic. And I got my girlfriend a Gerard way shirt from there
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  23. Dean

    Trusted Prestigious

    Zelda Monopoly
    Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl
    CD player/radio
    Some money I'll probably spend on books
  24. Dominick

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Hundred dollar Barnes and Noble gift card. I am content.
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  25. sophos34

    Prestigious Supporter

    i forgot i graduated college (lol) so i got some graduation money from my grandparents and aunt
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