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Chris Shiflett Offers Small Foo Fighters Update

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 3, 2017.

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    Chris Shiflett spoke with NME about the future of the Foo Fighters:

    “I don’t know what our plans are, but we’ll make a new album when the time is right,” said Shiflett of their next record. “There will be a new Foo Fighters at some point.”

  2. BradBradley


    "A future event will happen at an undisclosed time and place."

    Thanks for checking in, Chris!
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  3. spencpants

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    Yeah, thanks.
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  4. Zilla

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    Hopefully they'll take their time. "Sonic Highways" was rushed mediocrity. The EP was little better.
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  5. Damien Davies Mar 3, 2017
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    Damien Davies

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    It's funny Chris is saying that when all the updates the band has put on social media makes it seem like a new album will be out sooner rather than later, like before the end of the year.
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