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Chorus TV: Vinnie Caruana

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 30, 2021.

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    With music fans eager yet apprehensive about the return of concerts, Vinnie Caruana has been providing an ideal experience in the form of private outdoor shows throughout the summer. After over a year without live music, I found myself in the cranberry capital of the world – Middleborough, MA – being serenaded by his acoustic performance in a safe, intimate backyard setting on July 24. Enjoy the full set of The Movielife, I Am the Avalanche, and solo material.

    Set List

    • This One’s on Me (I Am the Avalanche)
    • Hey (The Movielife)
    • Tex “The Rock” Johnson
    • It’s Been Way Too Long
    • Brooklyn Dodgers (I Am the Avalanche)
    • I Took a Beating (I Am the Avalanche)
    • Ship to Shore (The Movielife)
    • Green Eyes (I Am the Avalanche)
    • Pour Two Glasses
    • Wasted (I Am the Avalanche)
    • Hand Grenade (The Movielife)
    • Kelly Song (The Movielife)
    • Symphony (I Am the Avalanche)
    • Jamestown (The Movielife)

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  2. mynamesgeneric

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    Thank you for sharing this! Vinnie is one of my favorite songwriters, so glad he is able to continue to make music and tour
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  3. Alex DiVincenzo

    Thanks for watching! It was a real treat to see.
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    Killer setlist
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