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    Punchline’s most recent tour found them supporting their longtime friends and influencers, Less Than Jake. The Pittsburgh, PA quartet performed a half hour of catchy tunes, from early fan favorite “Heart Transplants” to material from their latest album, Lion, along with a cover of Operation Ivy’s “Sound System” for the ska loyalists.

    Enjoy their full set live from College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT on April 16, 2019.

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  2. Frank Lapidus

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    One of the most consistent bands in the scene. I always wished they got bigger than they did/are. Seems like they are so genuine and solid dudes.
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    30 minutes as an opener and you play a cover? I hate when bands do that. Especially since punchline has probably 100+ songs in their catalog.
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    Punchline has always been severely underrated.
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    These are the nicest, most hardworking guys. They deserve any and all success that hopefully comes there way. Every album has been great since Action.